Chapter 17: Bovine cannibalism and a new arrival

Welcome back to our Greek house for our juniors’ second term. Last term, I got happy and expecting family sim couple Kimyona and Syndod married in the garden before the arrival of their little bundle. The term was pretty much taken up with this and the threesome trying to get their required skill points. They did okay and we’re now all set up for a new term and a new baby! How Kimyona will graduate remains a good question…
As an update: Sopresa is studying fitness economics and struggling to get her skill points (because she doesn’t roll the wants). She’s been dating Giovanni (who graduated last year) since before uni and the two look set to continue their relationship beyond uni. Recently Sopresa has wanted and got a bad rep by randomly fighting dormies. She’s ambitious and serious, unlike her twin Syndod.
Laska is yet another knowledge sim studying maths who also struggled to get the skill points last term (though not through lack of trying). She still hates Kim for stealing Syndod away from her older sister Filia (and for hurting older brother Phillip, who was dating Kim). Laska keeps to herself studying, but gets on well with Sopresa.
Kimyona is studying culinary literature, and is obviously ready to pop!
On with the show…
These cows are just shameless. Hooves off our aspiration rewards!
Thank you, friendly cheerleader! Ever since Stranac sweet-talked her, she’s not been much trouble (for a cheerleader).
Syndod’s been working on his skills to get those promotions. He and Kim should be set up fairly well when the baby comes.
Sopresa has a certain goal for this term. It involves (voluntarily) heading to the secret society lot…
I love the name of this uni’s society.
You can see where this is going!
Whilst Sopresa grabbed the cowplant and called the taxi, *all* the secret society members headed for the cinema room. And apparently had a heated discussion about whatever film was on.
Aww, look at the portrait. Syndod and Kim are cute!
After being bugged by Cowmelon one too many times last term, Sopresa developed a want to drink him. He really is a nasty cow. If someone were to accidentally unlock the gate of the cowplant enclosure when Cowmelon’s around, well, that would just be one of those things…
*chokes on drink* Um yes, this. This needs explaining. You might remember that this pale old man (I would say gentleman if that wasn’t lying) is Greg’s father Miles Edgeworth. He fathered a child with Pod when she was a teenager, and things haven’t been okay in that family since. None of this stopped our Laska from popping out of the wishing well when Miles wished for love. They have three bolts for eachother, but surprisingly this is the first time the Greek house has had to see this atrocious sight.
ANYway, the next morning it was go time for Kimyona and baby!
Her husband and sister-in-law were at her side, freaking out (no one ever stays calm, do they?)
I reckon it’s probably 50/50 whether the baby is a boy or girl gets Syndod or Kim’s skin and eyes and I’m excited to see which!
Yellow baby! And I can see those inevitable black brows from here.
‘Sweet. A baby.’
‘Ohh, nooboo!’
It’s a little daddy’s girl! And she’s very cute <3 We have too many jewel aliens in the neighbourhood so I’m quite glad we have a new yellow sprog. I’ve named her Trufla.
I played this term in two sessions and had to take another portrait picture featuring our baby addition.
And this is how baby Trufla greeted me.
Though he does want to improve in that department, as well as befriend his brother and father in law. *Such* a family sim.
Sorry for the babyspam. It’s been a while since I’ve had a new birth in the neighbourhood!
Kimyona has to hit the easel post-partum to get those badly needed skills so I won’t have to play just her through an extra term of college…
So Auntie Sopresa does her bit to look after the baby. Which might include keeping an eye on Laska there, who just happens to have chosen the baby room to do her assignment. Hmmm.
‘Ugh! The baby stinks!’
Thank you, Kim. Kaching!
Morgan, ex-cow, now Stranac’s wife, still comes over as if she can’t break the habit.
The other cow, Cowmelon, continues to shove very new mothers and generally be very unpleasant. A certain gate might be open.
Aely or whatever phone-stalks pretty much everyone, but Kim is his favourite victim.
!! As it grows dark, Cowmelon is finally intrigued by the cowplant. I suppose I would also be intrigued by the only other thing in the world half resembling me.
Here at Gerbit Sim Stories we fully support bomosexual (bovine- and homosexual) relationships.
We don’t usually support bovine cannibalism, but will make an exception in this case.
So now Sopresa is milking a cowplant which ate a cow. Cow milk squared?
Mmm, think of all that calcium!
Her want is fulfilled, and at the same time, she has provided a service to society by ridding the college of a particularly annoying mascot. Two birds, one stone. Two cows, one milk
And yes, I know I’ll just be given another cow and Cowmelon’s ghost will now haunt the Greek house. But they sound like problems for whoever goes to college after the college adventures finish. Sounds like a future-me problem.
Also getting her calcium is Miss Trufla, who has been a piece of cake for three students to handle.
Eww, stinky tummy raspberries.
Laska’s been working hard around woohooing a gross old man.
You know how we had the term of the remote control cars? Well this is the term of the black sofas.
Aww, Syndod, I know you’re a new dad and everything but that santa cookie didn’t ask for a headbutt.
As custom dictates, the household had breakfast together on the morning of their final exams.
I failed and didn’t take a good picture of them returning, but Kim scraaaped by and got a C, Sopresa a C+ and Laska an A+ (she finally got those skill points). Next term is the gang’s and the college adventures’ penultimate term and it may be an eventful one. Stay tuned!
‘Is that my milk?!’
This is new cow Jon Dobson, by the way. Or as I, a Much Ado lover, will inevitably call him: Don Johnson. He would have the bad guy’s name, wouldn’t he?
Now please enjoy some vintage snaps of our students (past and present) from their younger days. Filia and Greg had a brief thing when Pod was pregnant.
She even got knocked up by him! She was a busy night owl teen knowledge sim however, and her motives couldn’t support the pregnancy.
Teen Syndod and Filia fall for eachother at Syndod’s house party.
Kimyona and Gio!
Check this old one out! Greg, Stranac, Furcsa and Bitxi going to hang out with the matchmaker, maybe.
Baby Kim is born. Feels like yesterday when her mum was born. Don’t they grow up fast.

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