Chapter 18: Touches of lycanthropism, tonnes of pizza

Eight year, first term of the college adventures.
It’s senior year time! This term, the students have to deal with the consequences of their previous decisions (good or bad). Laska is having a messed up relationship with Greg’s dad and Pod’s baby daddy, Kimyona gave birth to her daughter Trufla and Sopresa drank annoying cow mascot Cowmelon (Camelon).
But first, an alumni update! Pod and Greg are broke after buying their house and getting married but wanted a baby, so got pregnant anyway. I thought we’d get another Edgeworth-skinned nooboo as that’s what Pod and Miles’ baby got, rather than Pod’s alien skin.
But their little girl went with her grandma Helen’s skin, skintone 2! I was pretty surprised, but not unpleasantly so. I think Kay here is really cute with her dad’s custom eyes.
Greg in particular wanted a baby. It was hard to stop playing their sweet family!
Is this how knowledge sims share their power?
Other less lovely news was the continuation of whatever this liaison is.
Miles had the want to turn Laska into a werewolf despite him not being a werewolf himself. His friend Helen (yes, Kay’s grandma) got herself bitten by her girlfriend and passed on the wolfy gift.
After Miles sorted his hair out, he fulfilled his wish and beat up his young fling. Who happened to want to be a werewolf, but that’s besides the point. I still think he’s a jerk.
Over at the Castelow house, Furcsa thought it was important to bring Jan the college cook home from work (do all the college employees moonlight?) for her wedding.
Yep, Furcsa and Aleric threw an indoor wedding party and tied the knot.
It was a squeeze.
Here’s the happy couple with Furcsa’s mum, fairly estranged dad and son (with Stranac).
Filia was also ready to be wed, so moved in Phillipus (aka Sideburns).
No, I won’t be changing his faded haircut and sideburns combo. Why do you ask?
The bride-to-be (and way too many other sims) had heard about the sudden increase in the werewolf population and wanted in! Luckily her little sister was happy to oblige.
They also went for an inside wedding and all the guests chose to sit over in the living room where they couldn’t possibly see anything.
I *still* can’t get over his sideburns XD
From left to right, father of the bride, mother of the bride, Filia, Phillip, Philippus, Laska and Liefde. Yes I know, Filia’s twin has a very similar name to her husband. You can’t make these things up.
It’s okay Liefde, your older sister is just a werewolf bride.
Ron meanwhile has found himself a very promising love interest called Winona. He’s doing well in his oceanography career and looking after his elderly mum.
Bitxi bought a house downtown with her pest boyfriend. As in, pest control; he’s not the pest
She is also keeping up with Jan the cook…
But on with senior year now!
Over the summer, Laska has developed a very unique skin condition. In the daytime, our wolfy girl has her human skin on her face but her body has the elder werewolf skintone. We’ll see if she’s a normal wolf at nighttime.
After struggling with getting the required skill points for the students previously, I had what I thought was the genius idea of using the simvac thing to *steal* skill points! Here’s Don Johnson donating some dairy.
Yeah, grannie matchmaker can give some up too.
Laska and Kim stuck to more traditional methods (though with some assistance!)
Right, so earlier I purchased a lycanthropic-B or whatever from that matchmaker to cure Laska. Her skin remained the same, but I hoped a re-savage would sort her out. Hence the presence of Filia.
So far so good! Hopefully that overrode the other skin.
Trufla, meanwhile, continues to be a cutie.
I’ve had dinner, but that still looks good. Mmmm
‘How DARE you, my wife and mother of my child, use the *loo* whilst I’m in the shower?!’
‘Thank god we’re not stuck in those haunted dorms anymore, eh?’
No, it’s not the pizza causing trouble for Filia here. She got pregnant from the honeymoon limo auto woo! Baby Stobbes is on the way, and Philippus is a very happy family sim.
… is the pizza disagreeing with Laska?
I could not believe it when this happened at Miles’ house. That’s two inappropriately aged girls/women Miles has accidentally (?) knocked up. He’s only got a few more days to live!
So Laska is currently a very sick, pregnant glitchy senior student werewolf. Good luck with all that, Laska.
‘Eh, who needs a clean toilet?’
Is that second pizza really necessary, Syndod? Cool to know that non-students can fetch pizza too, though!
Look at this cuteness!
I never get sims to wash babies in the sink but it’s weirdly sweet.
‘Ahh, the smell of day-old ground-pizza.’
Prof. Kate was actually more interested in the dart board than the ground-pizza when she sneaked in.
I’m sure this means she’ll stay for hours to practise.
We take this short break to admire this passerby’s name. You’re going places, Ferdinando Browne.
Laska adds a broken neck to her list of complications.
This is not Don Johnson, but Morgan (just realised I could’ve been calling her Moogan this whole time). I suppose she wasn’t ready to give up the cow act.
Another pizza?! ♪We’re pizza crazy, we’re pizza mad…♪
Nice matching pyjamas you two. Don’t become middle-aged too slowly, will you?
Interesting. I did not know the child support started before the birth- what a good message to send.
Bottles with Auntie Sopresa! No pizza for you, Trufla.
!! ♪We’re pizza crazy and we’re also pizza mad♪
It was about time Kim’s family met the baby, so I got them over for a bit of a do.
Look at the family funds! Does this mean I’m extra lucky? Kim and Sopresa might easily graduate?!
This was the only interaction Trufla got from her family. I forget visitors don’t really interact with babies.
Kimyona decided she would heat things up for the traditional end of term breakfast by grilling some fish indoors.
Things did heat up. Kimyona the culinary literature senior and parent, everyone.
We will not be having any deaths today. I got Laska out of there sharpish.
‘This… tastes of foam!’
And with that lovely last meal, it was exam time.
I really thought this might be legible, lol. Okay, so Kim got C+ (an improvement!), same for Sopresa and Laska bossed her tricky term and got A+. Next chapter will be the last term for these three and these stories, so make sure the tale doesn’t end here and join me to see Sopresa suck more skills, watch Trufla grow into a toddler and Laska give birth. And you know, whether they all graduate or not 😉
Okay, he can be useful. This one specific time.
…I can explain!! …actually, teddy guy might be a dogger, what do I know?!

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