Chapter 16: Hurried nuptials and a toy brick

Anothe update from home before we get into the new year of college- Syndod invited Kimyona over in the summer holidays and made things official.
He was very romantic about it. He got his dad (who he still lives with) to make some pork chops, and he did the deed at the dinner table. Look at that smile!
Kim then spent the evening throwing up… a lot. She hasn’t done this once at college, maybe it can’t happen on college lots?
‘You know darling, I think you might be pregnant.’
Over at the Edgeworth house, Greg and Pod spent all their money getting married with their nearest and dearest.
Here’s the happy couple with Greg’s divorced parents, Pod’s mum and Pod’s daughter (/Greg’s half-sister.It’s still not hunky-dory with that). Pod’s step-mum Allison had been really ill with what I remembered was food poisoning and she died during their senior year!
Ah, the wedding-kitchen party is not bad, cool. Wait, because of Furcsa falling in love with Ron?! What is happening here?!
New love only gets a party to ‘not bad’, but the half-sister of the groom chucking up her gelatin deserves a roof raiser score.
The third bit of news from home is that Ron broke up with Bitxi after her frankly weird fling with Phillip. It feels so weird that one of our oldest couples is no longer, but it just didn’t seem to be working anymore 🙁 Bitxi had to move out of Phillip’s parents’ house of course, so I stuck her in a cool, small downtown apartment and got her a job. She has no family (though thinking about it, Pod must be some relation through Bitxi’s mum, as they’re from the same pollination technician originally) and no degree but hopefully she’ll make it work. She was set up on a blind date on her first day in the apartment block and met an exterminator NPC with whom she has three bolts, so that’s gotta help!
But now, back to the matter at hand. We’ve got the three girls left at college and they’ve all moved into the Greek house for their last two years. They had an okaay year last year in the dorms and had some good partying. Laska spent all her time studying and ignoring Kimyona, and Sopresa wet herself twice then wanted a bad rep. I’m just now realising the possible causation relationship between those things!
Sidenote- As you may have guessed from the lack of freshers, these will be the last two years of the college adventures- we’ve nearly got this generation through!
Of course, the biggest news was Kimyona getting pregnant! She quickly moved her fiancee Syndod in so they can get married and prepare for their baby.
Ah. Maybe vomiting doesn’t happen on *dorm* lots. I’m learning so much.
As I installed the slower skilling mod, those with the wants had to WORK for those mechanical skill points. Why is it always mechanical skill points?
Pop! Whoops, I sort of meant to get Kim married before her first pop, but no biggie. She looks *shocked*, though.
Syndod is doing pretty well in his political career, and the (lots of) extra cash is very welcome.
Can’t get pregnant if you’re already pregnant!
Kim and Syndod bagsied the red bed upstairs for themselves, next to the empty room that’ll have to be the baby’s.
Now Laska, that is a *good* campus present. The house doesn’t have a telly yet! I suppose she wants something to do when her enemy has her baby. It can’t be easy living with her and the guy who cheated on your sister.
I don’t think Sopresa ever lived with her boyfriend, and now I feel bad. Woohoo away, Sopresa!
The next morning, it was wedding time (before Kim got any bigger!)
I love them!
Most of the guests managed to sit their bums down for the ceremony, but it took some clicking.
Offish wedding photo with the parents of the bride, the bride’s younger brother (he’s not due to go to college for ages, so we won’t be seeing him) and the sister and father of the groom.
Cowmelon: ‘Hm. So this is what being civil looks like.’
Obviously, I didn’t invite the cow (Morgan is here, though). College weddings are risky open-invite occasions, people.
But everyone seemed to be having a fun time.
‘How do you feel about meeting my mother?’
Lool, their relationship is quite new still I guess, and Syndod isn’t very well-known back home.
So he put his jumper on and met his wife’s mother!
‘Now how about dad?’
A very new relationship.
‘Then there’s my brother…’
No time for meeting your teenage brother, Kim! It’s limo honeymoon time! Also, notice Helen Capron whining about Kim ‘making an effort’ when she was literally just at her wedding. How much effort do you want, Helen?!
Now these two are hitched, they can focus on their offspring. And studies and job. All those things.
Back to the grindstone.
Cowmelon came back straight after the party and was being gross so I just got Sopresa to influence himi into repairing everything.
!! We had a college party without Prof. Kate! To be fair I think she got on better (/preferred stalking) the older students. Still, I feel like she should’ve been here.
Laska continues to be a study machine in her junior year!
And that Aelyn guy or whatever he’s called has gone back to phoning Kim a lot. She’s now married and pregnant, dude. Definitely off-limits now.
Syndod rolled a want to give his sister a present. Maybe to apologise for moving in? I bet she didn’t think she’d be spending half of college with her brother who… didn’t go to college.
The only thing in his inventory was a toy brick XD But she seemed happy enough with this.
‘Why aren’t you studying like the rest of your classmates?! Grrrr!’
Pop! It’s not long to go now before Kim’s baby is due!
It’s also not long before exams, so Kim serves the traditional pre-exam breakfast.
‘I’m going to buy my nibling a toy plane!’
Good to know Sopresa’s mind is on her upcoming exams…
‘Or maybe bricks would be better? More gender neutral?’
‘I think an inflatable ball, perhaps.’
‘If kid keeps me up all night we’re going to have issues.’
Awh, so far Laska and Kim have been doing really well at just not talking to each other. Hopefully Laska won’t take her resentments out on the baby.
It’s winter! It’s snowing! Iiiiiiiiit’s…. exam time!
Sopresa rolled no wants to get skill points so got a C+.
Kimyona did roll wants but ran out of time to get the skill points and also got a C+.
And Laska ALSO got a C+ 🙁 She should be in a better position for next term, though.
So please join me next term for the imminent arrival of baby Simyona/Kimdod!
‘What I wouldn’t give for a little sit down right about now…’
*stab* Is anyone here a doctor?!

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