Chapter 1.9


Hello hello! Welcome back to the L’Amour household, which is very full since the births of littlest sim Savma and our first pet heir, Dettypig. The house is slowly growing, as ever, and we (SOMEHOW) won a wishing well in the last chapter! Before we delve into this chapter, can I please note that the burglar who stole the telescope has also been plaguing the entire neighbourhood?! She even stole the counterfeit money machine XD But don’t worry, she’ll get what’s coming to her…
New to this chapter is a family tree to help you keep track of who’s who…. this will get more important as we go on ofc! Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.


Since the last update, the L’Amours have also been bonding with members of the extended family. Phillip was encouraged to buy a cat climbing thingy from his sister’s business. And she *knows* we have no money or cats!


Anyway. This time, we are welcomed onto the lot by a flamboyant Tapmak, just enjoying nature, like the good little potential heir he is.


Isn’t the garden pretty? Tapmak’s OTP is actually Sport, though Sevim’s is nature like his mum. I guess he’s just enjoying being outside, in that case.


Little Tap is also considerably more sociable than his older brother, and has made several friends. This is him on the phone with his cousin.


Cheeky, stinky little Savma is the baby of the household. She’s having a better time of it than her older siblings, all things considered. Y’know, she has a crib and all.


Even Suyuu is getting potty-trained!


Heh. The day’s purchase today was some lights! I’d forgotten until now to purchase any sort of lighting, so now the house is more homely.


Eldest Sevim is nearing the end of childhood and finally wet the bed. Sorry, Sev. There was no way you were getting potty trained.


Round the back of the house continues to be the disgusting area, with the extra shower and gross toilet, plus nappys and bottles. Lovely! That’s Soymek having a good old dip in the loo.


This might be the first toddler skill I’ve managed! Suyuu can officially walk, everyone!


She celebrates this milestone by cuddling Dettypig.


Tap progress this autumn with his gardening skill.


And poor Sevim struggles with his low aspiration 🙁 He’s just not rolling very easy wants to achieve!


With Eloise and the older boys gardening, Phillip finds the time to also give Soymek a little tutoring before he becomes a child. Here he is teaching him the word for an object he’ll never see 🙂


Sevim’s grades are not very good. Eloise donates some of *her* time to get him through some homework before he grows up (yay!)


In the back room, it’s time to see child Soymek!


He grows up into very apt pyjamas and….


…promptly wets himself in front of the toilet. What is with sims doing that in this house?! Anyway, he is great looking and I’m deliriously happy to have one fewer toddler in this house.


A nice mixing of general toilet water and wee, there. I like that it’s attracted to the proper floor in that room, and not the grass XD


‘What a good week it’s been! My twin growing up well was the icing on the cake!’


Obviously, it’s now Suyuu’s turn to wiggle into childhood.


She grew up very well, I gave her a cute little hairdo, and she didn’t even wet herself. I think you beat Soymek on this one, Suyuu.


Meanwhile Sevim is still struggling on outside, but has apparently learnt to study. That’ll help.


As night falls, Tap heads to bed but soon wets himself- nothing to be ashamed of now that Sevim’s done it, Tapmak. Notice that I’ve kept his want to see the second burglar’s ghost locked. Sevim wants to see the first burglar Cyd, and this is Tap’s version. I will see both of their toddler desires achieved!


Listener, this household does indeed now have enough beds for all family members.


…or it does now, after the day’s purchase of another top quality single bed.


Fiiiiinally, when Phillip is nearly middle-aged, his dream job appeared in the job listings. Hurrah! Yes Phillip *does* want this job as an algae hunter!


Yes, Phillip. No need to tell me.


Now there’s only one toddler underfoot, life is calmer in the household. There’s even time for hobbies, though the garden is of course still a priority. Phillip is making sure Savma learns to walk, also.


He’s not having much luck befriending Elvira the burglar- but we’ll crack her!


! So cute. Almost idyllic.


This is Eloise on the phone with Elvira lol.
‘Remember when we had no money because you burgled us? *beams*’


Success! Savma will definitely be the most accomplished toddler this generation.


Today was Soymek and Suyuu’s first day at school (and Soymek fetchingly matched the school bus in his dungarees).


Whilst Suyuu complained about the inevitably occupied toilet, it was time for Sevim’s teenage birthday. I have long awaited this!


A few members of the family were even around to watch! Even if they were busy with other chores -.-


Here’s teen Sevim, who I think is the spit of his mum!


He managed to grow up well, as you can see. It was touch and go there for a while, and I’m pleased. The ballet outfit won’t be staying, though.


Sevim rolled popularity, which should be an interesting aspiration for a sim with one nice point… It looks like he’ll be attracted to sporty red-heads who don’t dress up, and what with Sevim’s recessive ginger gene, I envision red-headed children in his future (whether he’s the heir or not). Exciting!


Apparently there aren’t dungarees for teenagers (excuse me whilst I go CC shopping) so this’ll have to do for now. Maybe gen 2 will get more interesting farmery clothes. Sevim’s role will continue to be supporting his parents with the gardening, increasing his science enthusiasm and… making friends, I suppose!


Savma wants to buy a tree, just as toddler Sevim did. Very sweet.


And this is even sweeter! I’m trying to get Savma all three toddler skills, which should be easy peasy.


Uhh… I didn’t even know Ospart* was here, but okay.
*Ospart is the son of Kimyona, from the College Adventures.


But why don’t you want to come over, Elvira? Why don’t you want to visit this thoroughly burglar-friendly lot?!


On this first appearance of a very angry Cyd (who I moved in put to work in the garden until he starved), I rushed Sevim out of bed sharpish to fulfil his long-locked want of seeing Cyd’s ghost. He’s still mad at him, look!


BINGO! Man, that is satisfying. Cyd’ grave can shove off to the back of the lot now.


Savma and Dettpig are the cuties of this household.


Now that Sevim’s had a sleep, I discovered that he rolled straight (good if he’s heir) and wants to become a hall of famer. But Tapmak’s the sport enthusiast, Sev!


Later that night, Prof Elvira finally relented to an invite round. One step closer to our second ghost!


‘So, you know that other burglar guy who we moved in….’


‘…he mysteriously, ah, ‘passed out’ on the back of our lot! HAHA!’
Eloise shows off her persuasive skill once again.


Ha, nothing for you, burglar-boy.


:'( There’ll hopefully be none of this once Cyd’s grave is banished to the trees. Poor Eloise!


I *think* this picture is to show the purchase of the blue bed- which means Soymek indeed had no choice but to sleep on the sofa earlier. Well, it’s better now.


What with all the produce from the lasted harvest and from fishing, it’s high time we got some smoothies done!


First up… boot.


Lol. I don’t use the smoothie maker much and was glad when the boot smoothie didn’t have worse effects than making Phillip flip out for a bit.


Get away from the little girl, Cyd! Suyuu’s passion is science (on brand), like her daddy, and she spends a lot of time at the telescope. Searching for her other parent, perhaps


I’ll leave this update here, with a sweet snap of Eloise swinging Soymek around 🙂 Please join next time to see more smoothies, lots of teenage firsts for Sevim, the troublesome onset of winter, and a birthday. Bye!


‘Why is our house so boring, Phillip?’


‘Mummy said I should speak to you if I want to know about other planets, uncle Phillip.’
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