Chapter 1.8

It’s chapter 8 of the L’Amour Legacy, welcome! Last time, Tapmak grew into a child, we got our first (good) death and another baby was conceived. We start off this episode with the dogs hitting it off.
Finally, the outside doghouse is being *properly* used- it’s why I bought it, people. Hopefully in a few days, we’ll have generation one of the pet breed 🙂
*MEGA-pop!* I laughed a lot when I paused the game at this moment. How high and huge is that bump?! It better not be twins, Eloise…
That’s more like it 🙂
:’) How sweet is this picture. A young boy, an old dog. Both staring out over the pond, enjoying some solitude and peace together.
Bath time for Soymek!
In an attempt to get *one* of the toddlers *one* of their toddler skills, I got Phillip working on teaching Suyuu to walk. No she *hasn’t* been eating dog food, how dare you?!
That night’s purchase was necessary- a(nother) replacement telescope. Number 3, this is. Is it tempting another robbery? Hopefully Cyd’s grave will make any would-be robbers think twice.
I feel bad about this, but I also need room in the house for the baby and any puppies. It doesn’t look like Betty’s having any puppies though, and time is of the essence.
So I sold poor Diddy to this vampire. Funny how my unwanted dogs always end up with questionable owners.
Sevim continues to sleep (and gain nature enthusiasm, apparently) in his parents’ bed, whilst younger brother Tapmak sleeps outside.
In the morning, it was time for Tapmak’s first day of school! Sevim just about avoided being taken by the social worker because of his grades, so hopefully Tapmak can do better than that.
Look at the colour of those lemons. Phwoar.
I mean… isn’t it about time?
Whilst at school, Tapmak’s nature knowledge and family honour is tested! I went for ‘fend for itself’; the more practical option. This fits the family’s current philosophy (and financial situation).
!! Call yourself a L’Amour?!
Garden mistake aside, the boys are improving in their school work, phew.
And Phillip nabs his silver fishing badge.
That night, Eloise decided she’d go into labour in the same spot she gave birth to Sevim in.
One last time, Eloise! You can do it!
She’s not even given birth yet and the want for….TEN…. children rolls up. HAHAHAHAHA. I think not.
Welcome to the world, little girl!
Yes, it’s a girl this time, with brown hair and dark blue eyes, like her mum, Sevim and Tapmak.
Meet Savma!
As things settle down, ex-dog Niles saunters by, making me feel bad for selling him.
Today’s purchase: a counter, which I squeezed into this corner.
D’awwwh. What a little cutie.
Savma’s going to be absolutely doted on by her older siblings (maybe not straight away, in the stinky crying toddler phase…)
Ah yes. I can sense the enthusiasm.
Meanwhile, Phillip can afford the next lots of bills- feels good, man.
And Shouji is back being a massive creep again! You don’t know Savma, Shouji, go away!!
Eloise is now building her creativity skill in the hopes of painting her husband’s portrait. Clearly she is well off this stage.
At 15:00, Tapmak showed up his older brother by bringing home an A+. Go Tapmak!
He also brought home a friend, Phillip’s friend Bitxi’s son. As you can see, he is related to our alien twins- they are his uncle and aunt :L I’m not sure if the game shows this, however.
Whew, the days are just flying by! They grow up so fast.
Betty is also aging rather alarmingly fast. She doesn’t have long to produce the heir of generation 1, but then I remembered the anti-aging dog food thing that I’ve never used.
Well, it’s very useful now! I feel more relaxed about finding Betty a mate (Diddy is not up for adoption so I can’t get him back!)
Purchase of the daaay: the smoothie/juice maker! I get a point if I can make all the types of juice. Now that we’re growing all the produce, this should be easy.
D: How is this dog still plaguing me.
It seems Savma is gifted like Tapmak in the ways of levitation.
Sevim stocks up the juicer with some produce he’s been carrying around for a while (…gross).
! This did take me by surprise; I just assumed Betty wasn’t pregnant! And I sent Diddy away… oops. Really happy though!
These are two pictures though it looks like one! Let me explain my name choice for the sole pup that was born. Betty + Diddy is Biddy, which is an old woman, not a young male pup, so not a good name choice I thought. Betty + Diddy is also Detty, which just had me falling about laughing. I had to call him ‘Dettypig’ and if you don’t know the reference, go and watch Sex Education on Netflix. Worth it!
I’m not really sure what promtped me to have Phillip call the garden club people. I think I wanted him to make more friends, I’m not sure. I thought it couldn’t hurt to have an appraisal as the crops are looking good at the moment.
See! Nappy aside :/
Oh no. Nooooo I forgot they hate leaves. This is going to be brutal.
I don’t think two separate reviewers need to go to the back of the lot!
Ahh crap, not another one! (But also, yes, the nappy is gross, but the outside toilet that’s right there isn’t?!)
The boys come home during the appraisal.
I…. I don’t know what to say. Immediately after making a fuss about the puddle, Ms. Garden Club turned round to Phillip and gave him the wishing well! Please explain that one. She’s humbled by our excellent work of creating disgusting puddles? This game.
Aanyway, Tapmak is busy befriending his cousin Marcia and not doing a great job of it, by the looks of things.
And at 18:00, it was time for Savma to join the smelly ranks of the toddlers!
Here she is with her dungarees (of course) and slightly curly hair. She is an Aries, and seems to be the female version of Sevim, with the following personality:
9 Neat
9 Outgoing
9 Active
2 Playful
1 Nice
And here’s where I’m leaving this episode. Do join me next time for something I can’t tease, because I haven’t played any more yet- exciting. See you next time!
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