Chapter 1.7

Welcome to Chapter 7 of the L’Amour Legacy, where you are greeted by our founder and his wife woohooing, and our pet founder skiving off work. Last chapter we saw the birth of Phillip’s alien twin babies, major badge skilling and Phillip becoming permaplat.
This morning, Suyuu discovers that her OTH is science- score! Whether or not Suyuu is chosen as heir, she’ll earn me points for maxing out her science enthusiasm, so this helps- and is generally fitting to the theme.
Our lefacy orange tree to contiues to flourish, especially now Eloise has a gold gardening badge and can witter away at it.
‘There there, little one. I’ll get you some milk, but it won’t be bottled…’
The married-into-the-neighbourhood cow mascot sometimes pops by uninvited.
Eloise is continuing with mission move-in burglar number 1, with the goal of him dying and becoming our first ghost. This is very slow progress, but we’re apparently at hugging stage now!
Hmm. It’s perhaps not hard to see why he doesn’t want to move in. Toddler crawling about by the road, lazy schoolkid and dog. Not too inspiring a family.
Phillip, on the other hand, has excelled!
One more day before Tapmak joins Sevim in childhood! Plenty of time to learn a toddler skill… ahem.
Or, he can watch mummy start to take in the second harvest. Look at those tomatoes, Tapmak!
Later than night, Suyuu surprisingly befriends this random wolf. Could be useful for the future.
So dang cute.
Less cute. It turns out stinky toddlers don’t want friendly interactions, they want a bath!
Suyuu’s social need was in dire straits (despite the wolf interactions!) and I got a SoWo pop up- I got Phillip on the case. But she wasn’t having any of it! The rest of the night was attempts to talk and play with etc. I realised bathing her would improve her social (and hygiene ofc) but even this was a struggle with her energy need. Most high-maintenance toddler yet.
!!! Double whoops. I have no idea what will constitute better behaving (well, only generally) but I suppose Sevim’s grades have something to do with it. But it’s Friday afernoon now and he won’t have a chance to improve before 24 hours is up! ARGH
Great. Another move-in rejection from Cyd. This challenge is hard.
Friendly rando decided to help maintain the garden. She perhaps sensed my stress. I rarely buy foliage in this game so it’s fun to experiment with it in this challenge- I love those tall plants in particular.
Yesterday’s purchase was another toddler cot- I’m really hoping to give the twins a better start in life!
That evening, with no great fanfare, Tapmak grew into a sweet dressing gown. And a child! He’s obviously still a cutie, like Sevim.
‘Ugh, Suyuu stinks!’ Like you never did in your toddlerhood just now, Tapmak.
He also grew up badly, like his brother.
The fridge which we’ve had for most of the challenge finally ran out of food today, so I got Phillip to stock it with some garden produce for the first time! (I’m not allowing them to buy food, they must grow and fish it all).
Hang on, where did the onions and cheese come from, Phillip, eh? Where’s the secret cow??
Child Tapmak claimed Sevim’s bed for his own that night (but they can share), and he appeared to have a fitful sleep.
Sevim hopped in with mum later on.
Today’s purchase was a second toilet. I figured there’s four toilet-using (sounds gross) people in the house now, so a second loo would be useful. I put it round the back, for some semblance of privacy.
My choice was immediately proven to be a good one when Eloise chose to clog up the already filthy first toilet. She knows by now as well as we do what the chundering could mean.
You’ll see in the background that I’ve managed to make the fish/kid bedroom an actual room now. Progress!
All hands on deck! The family is currently struggling again with the bills, meaning I’ll have to sell at least some of the produce, which I was hoping to reserve for smoothie making. Phillip is also digging for treasure.
Ah yes, she definitely knows.
This would be quite a pretty snap if it weren’t for Tap’s ANGRY face.
‘I just hate runner beans!’
You could keep at least one toilet nice, Eloise D:
The boys work on their fishing skill as their mother invites over Cyd the burglar.
And it’s a bronze badge for Sevim.
The look of shock on Eloise’s face as Cyd accepts her hug might be because…
… it was a move-in hug! And, 18000 Simoleans!! I won’t have to worry about bills for a while :’D
SO, down to business. I had a theory that burglars keep the items they stole in their inventory. This doesn’t appear to be true, as there is no sign of the family’s first telescope 🙁 Cyd had loads of other expensive and useful swag, though!
Don’t mind if I do!
Don’t mind if I don’t! And Phillip paying the bills- ahhhh.
Sevim uses his higher fishing skill to catch what looks like a catfish.
Suyuu is feeling better since her night of very low social need, and will readily accept Phillip’s interaction attempts now.
Tapmak improves his levitating skill he acquired in toddlerhood.
The cots are working to an extent. At the end of the day, toddlers are just way too needy for busy parents.
In other news- Betty needs to breed pretty soon. Now that we have Cyd’s money, I spent some adopting Niles in the hopes he’ll like the look of Betty.
He’s an elder dog, but that shouldn’t matter.
Why is the penguin here again? Search me, honestly.
The two seemed to get on well, and I rejoiced. BUT. I realised Betty and Niles were related, so wouldn’t breed. Crap. Back to square one it is.
*pop!* Eloise’s (hopefully) last baby is on the way!
And what a lucky baby it shall be, to join… this.
Ah, was the penguin after this, maybe? Believe it or not, this was the first time I’d taken a fish out of a sim’s inventory (other than to put in the fridge).
Casually selling Niles to the cow mascot.
Yay, Sevim! This will be most helpful come harvest season.
Oh yes, Cyd. Since moving him in, I set him straight to work digging for treasure. Yes, he brought lots of money in, but he can make even more *shrugs*. It’s meant to be a punishment, he burgled us!
Take two!
This is Diddy, who isn’t very diddy. (No, I didn’t name him). Here’s hoping sparks will fly between him and Betty!
Winter is still a way off and I’m hoping we can get another harvest in before then. I got Tapmak working, therefore.
Purchase of the day today- a *nice* shower to replace the old one. Because they deserve some luxury, and they can afford it.
Another cute family snap for you <3 You’ll see in the background I put one of Cyd’s bookcases and the fancy sofa. I can always sell them if we need money.
Tapmak apparently going to kiss the hand of a neighbourhood girl.
‘What can I tell you? I can’t magic up more sun!’
‘That’s it! No bland oranges from you!’
Cyd of course keeps attempting to enter the house, but out he stays.
Yay, Phillip! Now that he’s topped the education career, I’m in two minds about him looking for another job (for the promotion bonuses). His LTW is to top the biological science career, so for now I’ll keep a lookout on the computer I suppose.
Finally, the inevitable happens.
This is payback, Cyd. You messed with the wrong family, and you’ve been made to dig your own grave.
The dogs and a random passerby came to mourn Cyd’s death. Lol.
And we have our first grave, and first ghost type (when he haunts us for the first time, anyway). The dogs weirdly bonded after their howling, which I was obviously delighted to see!
I rushed Phillip out there to encourage this and to clean up after Cyd.
When I thought the dogs’ relationship was high enough, Phillip encouraged Betty to go and try for puppy- and they did. Fingers are very much crossed.
Why yes, this is a boy with a want to see Cyd’s ghost. *rolls eyes*
Anyway, that’s it for this episode- join me next time for the birth of child number 5, dog breeding troubles and a garden surprise. Byeee!
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