Chapter 1.6

You join me for episode 6 of the L’Amour Legacy, welcome! Last time the very exciting event of Phillip getting abducted occurred, meaning this episode will see the birth of his alien child. It will join older brothers Sevim and Tapmak in the increasingly crowded legacy house. Before we dive in, how sweet is Sevim calling his Auntie Liefde? Those two are tight.
Sevim has made multiple acquaintances and some friendships with the local kids.
Some of whom stay at the house far too late!
Phillip is getting far along in his pregnancy now, and can’t skill for too long before he gets hungry or needs to sleep.
Or wets himself right by the toilet *massive facepalm*. His urine actually joined up with the dog’s! Who shouldn’t be weeing inside on our beautiful grass floor either!
After giving a highly ironic telling-off, Phillip promptly falls asleep where he stands after ex-fling stands in his urine.
‘Hey, Tapmak, it’s time for me to scoot. I’ve seen enough.’
I cannot blame her.
Do you like the growing mass of flowers? I think they’re great! I’ve also started decorating the outside walls now (still two panels of wall a day). I was starting to get very sick of the bare walls.
‘You know what I just love? Gardening!’
Who would’ve thought.
Thanks for sharing with the group, random old man!
A rather less random vistor was Shouji, who I sold to the burglar I want to move in and kill. It’s a complicated situation, and I will admit to still feeling a bit guilty about selling him. He was continually beating up Betty, though.
Shouji decides to spend his visit staring at Tapmak amongst his dirty nappies. You’re not part of the family anymore, Shouji. I’m sorry!
Sevim had what looks like a very ‘meh’ first day of school. Let’s see how hard it will be for him to keep up his grades whilst helping in the garden.
That night, Eloise plays what has become a losing game of potty train the stinky toddler. I don’t think it’s going to happen for Tapmak- maybe next time!
Phillip is plodding along with his skilling in the hopes of a promotion next time he goes in (he’s been taking a lot of vacation days lately).
He apparently loves skilling so much he got platinum aspiration (I know, not really). Now I won’t have to worry quite so much about him.
Quite fortuituously, newly perma-platted Phillip then went straight into labour- in the eating nook, no less! (Think of the hygiene D:)
Sevim was roused from gardening nearby and rushed over to see this rather special event.
‘DAD’s giving birth?!!’
Is that a look of regret?
And here’s our little noo-boo! This is Soymek 🙂 He’s a purple alien, meaning he is in fact, Phillip’s ex-fling Bitxi’s half-brother. Because that’s not messed up! Little Soymek is ginger, like both parents, and is very cute!
Eloise has emerged from bed at this point to… clean the tub. C’mon, be excited for your husband, Eloise!
Awwww. Soymek is not genetically related to Eloise of course, but seeing as she’s a family sim, I don’t think this will matter very much. I’m sure Eloise has room in her heart (if not house!) for another.
Whilst Eloise unceremoniously dumps Soymek on the ground (okay maybe she needs to work on that love), Phillip pops out his second alien baby.
The second is a girl, also ginger, and she is called Suyuu. Looking back, I love them both, but at the time I did NOT want twins! The space is going to be an issue…
‘Ahh, nooboo!’
Ahem. Notice how Eloise now suddenly wants another baby. Jealous much? Nah, Eloise’s LTW is to graduate three children from college, so she will be having another at some point- just not yet. There’s too many toddlers as it is.
As the events of the night settle down, Phillip goes for a little freshen up after the birth- gotta wash those birth fluids off, y’know. Stoic Sevim plumps for the strong, silent approach of fishing for getting over the mental trauma of seeing your father somehow birth two purple alien babies.
The next morning, Phillip is back at the skilling, aided now always by the skilling hat thing.
The babies have stayed outside for now, as is tradition 😉
Phillip is happy to change an equally happy little Soymek/Suyuu.
And to feed them. Awh. I am happy that Phillip has managed to pass on his red hair.
Sevim is doing okay at school, and brings back another aquaintance*.
*That is Trufla (Kimyona’s daughter) born in The College Adventures
The garden is all planted this spring with all the types of crop. Sevim is quickly gaining experience gardening- I might have to download a slower badge skilling mod at this rate!
A purchase from a few days ago is a second counter- I know, very wild.
And yesterday’s was an easel, for the creativity skill.
What is it with the neighbourhood children staying late into the night?!
I remembered about career rewards and Phillip’s educational bookcase rendered the easel a bit pointless. Oh well. I need Eloise/one of the kids to paint Phillip’s portrait at some point for challenge points. I also gave in and bought a cot for the soon-to-be-toddlers to share- hopefully one of them won’t be too exhausted to learn any toddler skills!
A sink was today’s purchase- fewer dirty plates, I hope!
The bookcase has already saved me from buying a mirror, and Phillip is well on the way to a promotion.
Elosie’s OTH is nature (I know, she is made for this challenge) and here she is maxing it out! What a star.
Unexpected benefit of alien offspring- the child support- cha-ching!
Later in the day after Phillip went to work, the family friend count plummeted and went below Phillip’s required amount. I wasn’t going to waste all his skilling, so I got Eloise onto befriend mode.
She invited over Phoenix Wright (who she mega fancies, by the by) and the penguin showed up too :3
The befriending wasn’t enough so Phillip has to wait another day, ugh. But tonight, it’s time for Soymek and Suyuu to become toddlers! I obviously ignore the warning about Tapmak’s aspiration and…
Here’s Soymek! I love his features, though not choice of shirt. Soymek is a Capricorn, and his personality is as follows:
10 Neat
5 Outgoing
0 Active
10 Playful
10 Nice
Sounds like he’ll be a lovely sim- perhaps tubby like his dad, too 😉
I gave him dungarees (obvs) and a hairstyle similar to Phillip’s. We’re about the natural, outdoor life in this house!
I already don’t know if it’s the child or bottle that stinks. Perhaps both. Pictured next to Soymek is the purchase of the day- the building blocks. The twins are going to have a better toddlerhood than Sevim and Tapmak, damnit!
Suyuu decided to grow up a little later with the help of Eloise. It looks like they are identical twins, and I kept Suyuu’s hair. Suyuu is an Aries like her brothers and dad, and has the following personality:
10 Neat
10 Outgoing
4 Active
0 Playful
10 Nice
So, pretty similar to her brother, but deadly serious.
That pile of bottles and nappies is only going to get worse D: Phillip is rolling plenty of veeeery optimistic toddler-related wants.
The big cheese werewolf showed up that night (I think he’s called Benny…) and Phillip greeted him. Hey, he’s a knowledge sim. He wouldn’t say no to a little lycanthropy.
I’ve never seen this before- toddlers playing with fireflies! SO CUTE. And yes, Shouji seems to show himself for the major events in this family.
‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’
The day’s purchase was a bin. For obvious playing-in-rubbish reasons.
And with that, we leave our lovely L’Amours until next time. Join me then for a very busy update including Tapmak’s birthday, burglar befriending progress, pet breed progress and some dramatic childcare developments. Bye!
He doesn’t even go here!
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