Chapter 1.5

Hello again! In the last update, firstborn Sevim grew up into a child and second son Tapmak was born and grew into a toddler. Financially, things are still dodgy, and the house continues to grow very slowly. We’re now in the middle of the first winter, and Sevim doesn’t have his own bed 🙂 This doesn’t appear to matter however, as his first act as a child was to fall asleep where he was standing. What a great start to his childhood.
Awww! I quickly got him to bed and Eloise tucked him in. So sweet. Tapmak there will have to struggle on with the pet mat- apparently a fact that bothers him. It’s currently inside so he doesn’t freeze.
With the replacement telescope, I got Phillip back to stargazing. He needs to top this hobby for it to become the family hobby (Freetime legacy rules). We got to this level and received the enthusiasm plaque, woo! I then decided it was a good time to start trying to get abducted by aliens (via searching for UFOs). There’s a point up for grabs for each alien pregnancy, Phillip is a knowledge sim so should like it, his wife is a stay at home family sim and the child wouldn’t be too much younger than Sevim and Tapmak. The time is right, people!
WOAH. The time is *very* right, apparently. Phillip pretty much immediately got abducted.
He disturbed Tapmak (sleeping outside again) and Shouji with his intolerant abduction.
I just love their faces during abduction. It’s like they know what’s going to happen to them.
What a good and normal time to be doing some potty training. Poor Tapmak is scarred.
A happy, loping Shouji alerted me to Phillip’s return later that night.
Eloise was here this time to… think that the UFO was being too noisy. Inconsiderate aliens.
This could be a very momentous day if Phillip was successfully impregnated. Cue collage of Phillip’s very elegant return to earth:
Haha, poor guy.
Phillip: ‘I might still have a worried expression on my face, but that sure was fun. It was so fun in fact, I think I’d like to be abducted FIVE MORE TIMES.’
Yeah… we’ll see about that one, Phillip.
On his return, Phillip turned to the other hobby of the household: gardening. The frost is thawing and it’s time for the second, much more varied seeding to start. Phillip and all heirs must reach maximum enthusiasm in nature as part of the ‘Green Thumb’ handicap which I may have already lost because of dumb dying flowers but whatever
This corner by the bath continues to be the nook the family choose to eat in.
‘Daddy, this fish is so good I could marry it.’
The family are onto eating their fish supplies.
Sevim is just as nocturnal as mum and dad and works on the legacy orange tree.
He’s also building his science hobby skill, both being vital!
YES! It’s soon revealed that Phillip is indeed, pregnant! We have a little alien tot on the waaaay, which brings my score to a grand total of 1, since Betty came back. Phillip has only vommed these two times so far, in between skilling for a promotion. You’ve got this, Phillip!
I took Eloise clothes shopping again and for the life of me can’t remember why, particularly.
Anyway I guess while she way there she networked and got herself another expensive telly (despite this photo indicating that she dug it up). Notice also how she has a fear of having a child. Hmm… I know Phillip’s won’t fulfil this fear but in reality it is going to be hers too. Have fun with three toddlers, Eloise!
Selling the expensive telly meant they could afford those nasty orange bills. Phew.
That night, one of Sevim’s cousins calls and asks for him- they aren’t particularly close, so this was very sweet to see.
Behold! The levitating powers of Tapmak! Anything to get away from Shouji’s stink, I suppose!
‘Haha yeah, I love skiing! I go all the time!’
Cousin Marcia (through Phillip’s twin sister Filia, *not* Laska, who is pictured) is a werewolf and attempted to steal the newspaper when her aunt came to retrieve her. Not so sweet after all, are we?!
NO! Not again!! We can’t afford any replacements *sobs*
THIS time however, we have three sims who can use the telephone. Sevim zipped over to the phone quickly- this could go in our favour!
Lol. These two certainly weren’t quick enough.
Whyyyyyy! How do the burglars know that the friggin telescope is the most important item in the house? Looks like Phillip won’t be getting those four more abductions he wanted any time soon.
Kindly policewoman soon showed up and I crossed my fingers.
Hopefully this means the family won’t be furious with Elvira Marshall forever.
‘GRRR! I was just getting into stargazing!’
Plenty of time for you, Sevim.
Thank you, kindly policewoman. I’m sure stinky, fast asleep toddler Tapmak appreciates this information. ALSO- 840 Simoleans?! That’s not going to buy me a new telescope, lady! Just how many telescopes is this legacy going to go through?
*pop*! First bump of baby no. 3! I was expecting Phillip to worry about his pregnancy or Eloise to get mad at the ‘cheating’, but all was fine. If Phillip keeps himself well I’m sure the little bundle will fit right in.
We desperately need promotion money so Phillip is focussing on skilling for now.
*sigh*. That’s TWO burglars on our hit list. If all goes to plan, these two will earn me points from becoming two different colour ghosts. Once someone has befriended and moved them in, of course.
Later on- some good news! Finally, Betty has been found, yay!
I was starting to think she wouldn’t be returned and I’d lose the opportunity to get family breed points (Pets legacy rules). Now I might still have a chance.
Omg spoiler alert! I have a multi-PT mod in my game, which means an alien impregnation is done by one of four different PTs* (chosen at random or whoever likes the look of the abducted sim) I don’t actually know the names of the PTs, so I can still be surprised, which I am glad about.
*You’ll be familiar with the four types if you’ve read The College Adventures- Stranac and Kimyona are descended from a green alien abduction (green, jewels, red eyes) and Furcsa from a pale alien. Bitxi is the direct result from a purple alien abduction and Podviny from a dark blue alien abduction.
Anyway, our eldest continues his work in the garden- very nicely, his OTH is nature, like his mum. It’s almost like he was born to be in this legacy! (I’ll show myself out).
And Eloise begins to befriend burglar target number 1.
I also bought this counter. I think I’ve been rubbish at remembering to take pictures of the item I buy each day, but I promise I haven’t cheated!
A good quality bed was also purchased for Sevim, and put in what will be the third room of the house. God knows he deserves a proper rest. Restrains self from making a sleeping with the fishies joke
Sevim: ‘Why are you so obsessed with me?’
(Nah, it’s cute). That’s Bitxi on the computer. She is an old fling of Phillip’s and likes to invite herself over for some reason.
Target number 1 shows up looking very friendly, if a little burglar-like. Little does he know what I have in store for him.
Phillip’s looking nice and big in his Hawaiian paternity top.
Sevim meanwhile is proving fairly sociable and greets a potential friend*.
*Stranac’s daughter
It’ll be some time before Eloise has totally befriended the burglar, so in the meantime, I made a decision. Shouji and Betty just weren’t getting along. Betty has to be the founder of the pet breed and Shouji, whilst entertaining, is a massive pain. So… I sold Shouji to the burglar.
‘Shouji would make a fantastic companion robbery-pet!’
Shouji: *stinks out the kitchen*
Oh. I actually feel quite bad. Shouji is a pain but I’ve given him to someone we hate.
‘Hey you know the dog I just sold you… well… he pathetically lost a fight… to my much smaller, girl-dog!!’
The look of betrayal. Goading the burglar is no way to befriend him, Eloise!
Aaaand that’s where I’ll leave the update for today- please join me next time for the birth of Phillip’s alien baby, the progress of befriending would-be ghost number 1, and whether the family can survive the next round of bills. See ya!
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