Chapter 1.20

Stranac’s kicked, trunksy red bottom welcomes you to chapter 20 (whaaat?!) of the L’Amour Legacy! Sorry it’s been so long, life has been crazy busy and I’ve missed the L’Amours intensely. But I’m back for another installment now, never fear!
So, last time: heir Tapmak here is at college, living with his daughter Preeti. He’s doing an alright job of bringing her up whilst going on numerous dates with uni townies. At the end of the year, his girlfriend and baby mama Sininen moved in with him. At the main legacy house, the news of the day was alien Suyuu’s lack of luck at the wishing well and Soymek wooing another teen.
Here’s the current family tree, complete with the addition of baby Bhakti, born to generation 1 spare Sevim. He’s so cute!
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
We’ll start off this time at the main legacy house. Here’s the current house and garden. The garden is all fertilised, for the first time, ready for the next round of veggies. You’ll also notice I’ve started to build a greenhouse so that winter won’t be a problem, one day.
In a half-baked attempt to increase the science enthusiasm in members of the house, I got youngest gen 1 child Savma onto the telescope for the night.
Whilst founder Phillip received a call from his eldest grandchild Prem, wanting to chat. Aww. And Phillip wants to be friends- double awwwwh.
Gets cleaning skill, wants to clean up the neighbourhood townies’ appearances. Soymek, one of Phillip’s alien twins, seems to have a hairdressing dream. Maybe I’ll let him follow this dream after he leaves the legacy house.
Other twin Suyuu meanwhile is being badgered by the ghost of our petacy founder, Betty. My theory is that she has it in for Suyuu. She basically died on Suyuu’s lap when she was a child.
Urgh, the put-out in-law is back again. Tap’s not here, Stranac! Go away :'(
Later in the evening, Savma asked Phillip if she could go out, and he agreed. You would think Phillip has learnt not to let his children ‘go out’ after both his eldest children caused pregnancy, but what do I know, eh?
I know Suyuu has only had bad luck with the wishing well, but one more time couldn’t hurt, right?!
Argh! Wrong! So wrong! This is worse than unlucky…
Oh no. It gets worse. I know that handbag.
Ms. Crumplebottom, Suyuu really has NOT done anything deserving the handbag. Believe me! Poor, poor Suyuu!
We leave Suyuu to get a battering to observe Savma inviting local posh boy out on her ‘go out’. He’s the heir to a loooootta money. Smart girl, Savma.
I wasn’t expecting anything less than the limo! Now don’t be like your older brothers, Savma- don’t let me down D:
Soymek’s busy developing his own love life* under the keen eye of Mr. Vampire. notice how Stranac is still here too XD
* despite gaining a girlfriend through his Bachelorette Challenge…
Purchase of the day (I’m only allowed one per day according to the Middle of Nowhere handicap rules) was a dishwasher- fancy, eh?
No sign of impregnation- well done, Sav.
!!! But the drama of the night was yet to come! Anthony here has been seen around the neighbourhood but hasn’t dared to set foot on the L’Amour property. Until now.
Savma was the first out of bed (despite being the most tired, I image) and I hurried her over to the phone.
Pahaha. This is how Savma rings the police *urgently* apparently.
‘Don’t mind me, I’m just a friendly burglar.’
Eloise: *groggily* ‘Is this Savma’s fault?’
After announcing his arrival in the main room, the burglar rushed to the big back room, passing both dogs. You’d think owning a half-wolf would help with security, but I guess not.
The expensive painting. classic. We got that originally *from* a burglar, so it makes sense.
Burglar: ‘This is Suyuu’s fault.’
Why is everyone blaming Suyuu?! She’s literally doing the dishes right now XD
Fisticuffs time! This is the first time a police officer has made it to fight a burglar on time, fingers crossed…
Soymek: ‘Hi mum!’ lol
Success! This one might be spared the, ah, usual treatment of burglars.
Soymek: ‘I’m just so BORED!’
How oblivious can a sim get.
Good riddance! And you know, this is a softer punishment than the other possibility, so cheer up!
Woo, simoleaaaaans! That is greatly appreciated.
Might as well get the kids doing some chores whilst we’re all up, and get some purple juice down Savma. She has to get through college to satisfy her mum’s LTW.
The next day was a quiet one with the teens at school. Eloise had time to catch her breath and do some always-important gardening.
After school, I got Soymek to invited his girlfriend (and winner of his Bachelorette Challenge) over, as it was nearly time for Soymek and Suyuu to grow up (!!)
But first, I had a few questions for Colette. I learned she was in a respectable career, despite her lack of money…
and lack of skills. Hm. I’m planning on moving her in with the twins so that they might not starve to death, but maybe she’s not such an asset lol.
With everyone assembled in the main room, it was time for Suyuu to do that very special wiggle!
and poof! Suyuu is all grown up!! I can’t quite believe it. Her outfit isn’t half bad, as well, it quite suits her.
Now for Soymek’s turn…
Ahh! So old!
And outside of course, I grew up Colette as well. Is it nice to be rid of those spots, Colette?
My heart! Phillip’s twins are completely grown up and are ready to move out. It seems like yesterday I was cursing over the fact Phillip had twins rather than one baby.
Neither twin wanted to go to college (being romance and popularity), which is why I just grew them straight up. It’s still time for them to move out on their own, though. Why do I actually feel a bit sad writing that?
He’s got Phillip’s outerwear! Bye, twins! *sniff*
Phillip: ‘Nearly alone, my love.’
Ha… how do I break it to them that Tap + family will be back before Savma goes to college?! Nah, they’ll love being hands-on grandparents to Preeti, it’s okay.
And for the meantime, they still have Savma!
‘I’m just so sick of aubergine juice!’
Okay, okay, I’m sorry Sav!
Purchase of the day was this fancy lamp in the back, long room.
I’ve been slooowly building up that back room, which in my head will be like a central corridor for the whole house.
The next morning: n-NO! Savma!!
I know it’s cold at the moment but you can’t go dying on us!
The way the dogs mourn breaks my heart.
Oh thank god for that! *sweats profusely*
‘You’re such a great dad, Phillip!’
I wasn’t ready for Savma to die! :'(
*spits drink* I forgot that Phillip topping his career means his new, totally appropriate workwear was this.
You must be cold, Phillip. Surely.
Alone on the lot, I got Eloise down to business. She has become the house’s resident pet-acquirer (for the legacy) and she came through for us again- this is Pinky the dog, clearly made initally to look like a pig. It’s a story from long ago, but basically one of the founder families of this neighbourhood were meant to have a sort of farm, and therefore had some ‘pigs’.
I’m not entirely sure, but I think Pinky is the offspring off one of the original pigs. (I started this neighbourhood in 2016, so it’s been a while!) Anyway, I’m hoping she’ll like the look of our current Petacy heir Dooty and they’ll produce generation 3.
Savma’s advancing through her teen years by now and has gained some spots and a new hairstyle to prove it. I thought she’d look more like her mum with this hairstyle, but she’s quite different really! Weird?
I figured it was also time she could utilise the wishing well- hey, why not? It might not be a disaster!
And she actually got someone non-elder! But still a professor :L
Now we’re heading over to where our current heir Tapmak is living with his little family, Sininen and toddler Preeti, whose child birthday is coming up at the end of this year!
First up, Tap switched his major to software engineering, a major that better suits his skillsket.
A skillset that doesn’t include high mechanical skill, apparently!
Yeesh D:
I made sure to take care of Sininen’s wants as well as Tap’s 🙂 Seems like Sininen’s going to work on her body skill.
Whilst she’s a good mummy to little Preeti. Sininen didn’t live with her daughter for a bit, so it’s nice to have them together now.
After bathing Preeti, this happened. Errrr, I didn’t know this piano was here?! How odd!
Tap’s wants tend to be simpler than Sininen’s. Your wish is my command, Tap!
‘Hello, I’m just a comely jogger who broke in this morning to compliment you on your form. Good job!’
Preeti has a permanent stink emanating from her. Looks like only childhood will sort it out *sigh*.
Ah great, more baby-badgering D: Leave the toddler alone!
Hahaha, cross Preeti is cross.
That night, Sin got started on her dream career, the culinary one. Woo! I won’t turn my nose up at the extra cash!
You could look a bit more excited about homegrown dinner, Tap. Entitled, right?
Oh, was he waiting for pizza? XD
‘…. give me an E! Give me an N! Whaaaat do you geeeet? Sininen!!’
A nanny, llama and cow walk into a playable house…
Ooh, it’s already time for Sininen to prove herself in her new job. And it’s gotta be that second option, hehe…
Yeeeees, well done Sininen. And I love a free skill point!
I’m starting to feel ashamed of letting Tapmak fulfil every sordid want he has D:
He’s fine when Sininen is around, which is… something?
Awwh, Preeti is now bipedal!
Tap’s LTW is to have 50 dream dates, so why not knock another out? He’s up on his studying!
I don’t need to do much directing to get these two to the dream date level.
… he’s up on the studying apart from his term paper 😉
Yay Tap! That semester went so quickly!
‘I’m going to be an internationally renowned chef, Tapmak!’
So Prem is an absolute cutie. He calls his grandpa, and his auntie (through his mum) :’)
Sininen is killing it at work! Loving the little bonuses.
Oh give it a rest you two!
Oh, the hostess outfit suits her. I’ve always wondered what the top is all about though, it’s not that smart XD
Tap was a good boy and didn’t go on dates with anyone else, and the end of his junior year quickly approached.
…. what is in the piano?! I’m starting to think someone dumped this piano with evidence in it, or something.
He’s got a leaf on, people! It’s all fine! (well, sort of…)
And the party for Preeti’s child birthday is on!
Preeti’s been a toddler so such a long time, it feels! With the whole family in tow (plus one of Tap’s crushes, for some reason), it’s childhood time!
Prem, head placement is not on point my boy.
I can’t look away!
Heeere we go!
Ah crud, I meant to change her into her everyday clothes.
Child Preeti! She is still as wistful looking as ever I see, haha.
And Tap, who had slunk off to go to his exam, is back in time for the end of the party, another A+ in the bag- perfectly timed, if I do say so myself!
I like that Suyuu is even tidying up here, at her brother’s college place. Lol.
The eldest gen 2 cousins ended up outside improving their relationship until the party ended 🙂
‘Arggh I had a really good party!’
Someone’s overtired.
Or a new hairstyle was needed to turn that frown upside down (I love her other one but this looks more like her mum’s).
That’s about it for the L’Amours, but before I say farewell, there’s some Sevim news to share…
Firstly, Sevim and Zenka got married! Yay <3 These two only have eyes for each other, and after welcoming their second child, it felt like a cool thing to do.
The whole famalam was in attendance, of course!
Somehow, Zenka’s side of the family seems bigger that Sevim’s! The green alien man on the left is Zenka’s older half-brother Nofs, who is here with his wife (on his left) and two sons. Zenka’s mum (the blonde) was here, as was Zenka’s stepmum Modra (the blue alien in the pink) and Sininen (Zenka’s half-sister) and Tap with little Preeti.
Everyone seemed to have a good time at the wedding, and Sev and Zenka remain happy 🙂 I might do a photodump of their wedding photos at some point, maybe in an update chapter.
The second bit of news was Prem’s child birthday, which might have been the same day. I think he’s growing into his teeny toddler face.
Lastly, Sevim’s other son Bhakti became a reeeally cute toddler. Naw. Generation 2 really is up and running!

And with all this news, I’ll conclude this chapter! Join me next time for Tap’s last year of college (somehow?!) and I think Savma’s penultimate teen year. I haven’t played ahead yet, so anything could happen! :O Thank you for reading as ever, leave any comments you’d like and I’ll see you next time!

My Scoring:

Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Phillip’s portrait: 0.5
Burglar grave one: 0.5
Burglar grave two: 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5

Running total: 3.5
Pet breed strength: 1
Alright mate?
Just a normal one at the L’Amours’ house.
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