Chapter 1.19

Hellooo, lovely people! Welcome back after a longer break between episodes- so. dang. busy. I’m back today with the 19th official L’Amour Legacy chapter! To catch you up: heir Tapmak flew the nest (temporarily) to college with his daughter Preeti! There, he carried on romancing his girlfriend and a few others, just, y’know, to make sure he was with the right person. At the main legacy house, I tried to give teen Suyuu a more exciting life by wishing for romance at the well only to get no-gos, and youngest gen 1 child Savma was very helpful in the garden.
Here’s the current family tree- as you can see, we have five gen 1 members and currently, two gen 2 members (one a cousin).
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
Before the chapter proper, Tap had a busy in-between-chapter period (as always, eh). He fancies the blonde dormie on right, so I got Johnny (left) to influence him into a cheeky kiss. This did not go well, at all. I guess she’s just not that into you, Tap!
I then wondered what would happen if I got Johnny to try and join Tap’s Greek house, him being the only member.
XD Shortly, Preeti crawled by and indeed expected Johnny to befriend her if he wanted membership. He couldn’t interact with her, in case you were wondering 😛
A second flirt with Josephine was more successful, meaning Tap might knock off some of his 50 amazing dates he wants for his LTW with her.
He remains romancing his girlfriend though, and apparently along with most of his other siblings, going round her house. Note that Savma is stealing the paper for some unknown reason. Tap is still on bad terms with his girlfriend’s dad (for knocking her up) so maybe Savma is sticking up for him.
Very oddly, our Tap was also pursuing Darra, which he’s done before- but never in front of his girlfriend + baby mama and her parents. Interesting life choices from our heir :S
Very risky, interesting life choices *averts eyes*. Sininen didn’t have a problem with any of this, however- I don’t know why. At least Tapmak and Darra (Dapmak? Tarra?) got that party score up! Wooop.
Okay, before we check in on Tapmak in his sophmore year of college, let’s go to the main legacy house. Here, we’re in build mode for the following reason: check out the long flowers outside- all different colours, right?
And now, in live mode with the snow, all blue! Weird, right? I don’t tend to decorate with flowers so I’d never noticed this before!
So weird, I think! Anyway, this is the current status of the house. We still have three complete rooms, and one long one (at the back) in progress. It is very slow process only using two of each build mode items a day (according to the Middle of Nowhere handicap rules), but we make do.
C’mon plants! I’m hoping not to lose any of this crop of aubergines to the snow.
You wanna help at all, Soymek? No? Just gonna stand there in your dressing gown? Fine.
This lucky family get fresh cooked fish and meals from their garden at all times (this is a restriction I put on myself). Savma (in the back) is helpful in the house too!
People… this is the first family meal the L’Amours have had around the table together! I’m actually really happy with this- and look, three chairs to spare! Imagine the future, as well- this table might be indoors one day! Always dream big, is my motto.
Our current petacy heir is Dooty the wolf, who is generally well behaved but lately has been acting up! Here he is having a little wash.
The two gold gardening badge holders get to work raising the level of the aubergines before the inevitable frost kills them off. This is obviously our founder, Phillip, and his wife (and mother of Sevim, Tapmak and Savma) Eloise.
I haven’t given up on finding Suyuu some fun/happiness with the wishing well- c’mon potential loverboys!
Ugh, really?! An elder with *that* hairstyle?! No Suyuu, you can simply do better.
Thankfully Suyuu is a popularity sim, so she at least doesn’t mind all the new friends the well is earning her!
That superficial toddler! Preeti (Tap’s daughter) lived under this roof and is now not our friend! Joke’s on her when she lives here in a few years.
In case either of the twins want to go to college, I fed them up on some aubergine. Soymek seems happy with this diet.
‘Leave some aubergine juice for me sis, you’re purple enough already!’
Savma! Get off your older sister 🙁 Maybe her aspiration is a little low?
Another old man from the wellTM for Suyuu… (and grey hair isn’t a turn on for her, just to be clear!)
Are you sure, pop-up?!
When she has time, Eloise is our insect-catcher. She’s fairly close to a complete collection (and points for me!)
ERR. I guess insect-catching is sweaty work! We do have two functioning showers in the house, and one is even inside!
Admiring her collection XD
Ah, there we go. Only five more! You’ll notice too that I have her wish for a job locked- if the construction career shows up, I’m considering letting her have a career to allow her out of the house!
How lovely to hear, Soymek. Who needs a proper floor to have a good week?!
Okay, let’s try again, why not…
Ooh, someone younger this time! I forget if I allowed them to kiss, but I’ll be interested to see what their chemistry is when Suyuu grows up.
‘Look at this solid soup I’ve just made!’ *beams with pride*
‘And look at those *sparkles*!’
The next morning, it’s school time! Not sure why the kids are looking so ominous here. Should Suyuu be concerned?
XD Yet another combo of Harry and Ron worried in the Ford Anglia.
During the last couple of years, Soymek has had a knack of bringing home pertinent female friends i.e. flames of his older brothers. Today however, he brought home a new one (and I guess one of the others brought home Darra…)
Dooty, bad boy! I take *extremely* good care of those flowers. *Ahem*
The harvest was very successful this winter, thank you for asking! As winter isn’t over, we’re not in the planting stage yet. Savma is on the fertilising stage instead. This’ll be the first round using fertiliser.
One more time!
Another young’un! Though, this guy is actually about 40, so not ideal, Su. I wish the wishing well would give teens (maybe it does without Inteen/ACR in place?)
Soymek fancied the look of the girl he brought home*, who is definitely a cutie.
*This was before the events of his bachelorette challenge, so he’s alright!
Looool I forgot about the romance-sim swagger!
Check you out, Soy! That charisma skill point is paying off!
Suyuu seems to be making other friends. That happens to be my simself’s daughter on the phone- and we all know Darra.
‘Where’s your brother?’
Darra is also a romance sim, and romance sims have one track minds. There’s no Tap here, Darra!
Right, not much else happened at the house, so here’s Tap’s second year at college. He needs the nanny whilst he goes to work, which I guess doesn’t give his Greek house a good rep.
He got bills almost immediately, which I find harsh! As he’s not going to earn any money until the end of the semester, it’s digging time for Tap.
*sigh*. This is Sevim’s mother in law, who was a cow mascot. Not until she dies will she stop coming over to other people’s houses, clearly.
‘You found a maaaaap! WOooooOOO!’
Indeed, cheerleader! Kaching!
If you don’t remember (and I wish I didn’t to be honest), Shouji was a past potential petacy mate. She drove me mad, but I guess she made an impression on the family members. Imagine wanting to look up a past pet merely to command it to roll over.
Bath time for leetle Preeti.
‘Wash that toddler! GooOOOOooOOo Tapmak!’
Oh NO- get away from that toddler, llama-boy! Cheering is fine, but no touching!
Nah, scary gym man isn’t telling Tap to work out, he’s telling him *off* for letting very weird members of the public interact with his 3 year old.
‘Yeah! Meet that townie! GoooOOOoooOOo Tapmak!’
Oof. Too much meeting townies, not enough getting Preeti to bed in time.
In an attempt to get more perfect dates under his belt, I got Tap to try and woo Josephine from the dorms.
And she finally accepted an invite over!
I got her to be a pledge at the same time, because why not?!
I was also sick of looking at her mohican.
Once Tap and Josephine got going, they got going very well indeed!
Eeep! Nora in the back is another of Tap’s date-providers. I like to imagine she’s a horse girl.
He invited Nora in and they resumed their relationship.
To fuel his study session pre-final exam, Tap decided to get some always-yummy looking pizza.
Still very set from aubergine juice from home, Tapmak barely needed to study this semester. Which was lucky, seeing as all he wanted to do was go on dates.
Nora stayed in the house with this cow (not Sevim’s mother-in-law) and weirdly got on with the cow! She must be good natured indeed.
Errr. If I’m not okay with mascots tickling Preeti, I’m definitely not going to be okay with mascots *burping at her*. C’MON now.
Tap doesn’t need to study again much this semester, so it’s time for date fodder Josephine to come over again.
Are pillow fights all this common in real US colleges?! XD
Aww. Now I feel bad. This should be just dating, Jo!
‘Grr she’s fallen in love with me but I just want dates grr.’
Haha, what’s he so mad at?! What an off-putting facial expression.
Still grumpy! Hahaha.
Leave her alone, for goodness’ sake!!
That’s better. Preeti’s been loving the little xylophone. She’s also been continually stinky, despite her high hygiene level. This was not at all annoying for me.
Ooh! A present from Jo!
Hey hey hey! That’s gotta be worth a few bob, and we have bills!
Woohoooo!! Cha-CHING!
Haha, that’s put a smile back on Tap’s face. He doesn’t even seem to mind Preeti’s stink.
Wow, she can be scary looking, can’t she :O
And that was the end of Tapmak’s sophmore year! He’s been keeping up his GPA, I’m happy to say 🙂 Hopefully we’ll have fewer issues in his higher years than in Sevim’s.
Money money money….
Tapmak’s girlfriend Sininen hit 18 this year but didn’t want to go to college. Instead, she’s… going to college XD I’ve moved her in as an adult and not a uni student to live with Tapmak and their daughter Preeti. It’s time for them to be a family, even if they don’t end up together in the long run. So far though, Preeti is the top girl for our Tap!
Do join me for the next chapter of Tap and the L’Amour family’s lives, where we’ll celebrate the adult birthdays of Suyuu and Soymek, a makeover for Savma, a fight and a bad wishing well wish! But one more little announcement:
Sevim and his partner Zenka have had a(nother) baby! Please welcome little Bhakti <3 Bhakti, like his older brother Prem, inherited his mum’s, grandma’s and grandpa Phillip’s green eyes, but (very excitingly for me) blonde hair from Zenka’s mum and alien skin from Zenka and Stranac (Zenka’s dad). He’s a sweetheart! Am I slightly put out that Sevim was a potential heir and he’s already given me two further, genetically varying potential heirs?! Haha… not at all. *ahem*.
Join me for the next chapter soon!

My Scoring:

Began the legacy: 0.5
First gen born: 0.5
Betty ran away and then found : -0.5
Phillip’s alien pregnancy: 1 
Phillip’s portrait: 0.5
Burglar grave one: 0.5
Burglar grave two: 0.5
Eloise’s breakdown: -1
Second gen born 0.5
Maximum enthusiasm in family hobby: 1.5

Running total: 3.5
Pet breed strength: 1
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