Chapter 1.15

Welcome back! I am very happy to be writing up the fifteenth L’Amour Legacy update- and quite a lengthy one it is this time (you’re welcome… maybe?) Last time, eldest son Sevim embarked upon his first year of college, scraping through his exams and winning back his girlfriend Zenka from his brother. Zenka ended up suffering a miscarriage and getting knocked up *again* by Sevim at the end of the update. So the second generation is on the way! At the legacy household, poor Eloise suffered a breakdown after an unfortunate wishing well wish and we won a new well, petacy founder Betty popped her clogs and second heir Dooty was born. Second son Tapmak dealt with Zenka’s very angry father, and alien twins Soymek and Suyuu grew into teenagers. Now let’s see what Sevim at college deals with his sophomore year and then the rest of the family, shall we?
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*Such* a filthy joke, Zenka! No soup?!
Sevim and newly-knocked up Zenka have continued to get on like a house on fire, and it’s a delight to see! Sevim needs to work hard and get his skill points to pass this term, however, so there can’t be *too* much fun of this kind.
As well as passing their exams, there’s also the ascension issue of Sevim and Zenka’s baby. Should Sevim be the first heir generation, his child (if a boy) can only be heir if Sevim and Zenka have a three-bolt relationship, according to the ‘True Love’ handicap rules. They don’t have to be married, interestingly. Zenka indeed does strike me as the hippy, free-love kind of girl she did get knocked up twice from risky woohoo after all
As much as I’m excited to see a Zevim/Senka babby, we can’t forget that there are already two babies in the dorms. They are a massive pain, to be frank, and I basically always have to have a nanny around XD Little Faraday here though does appear to have stolen some dormie hearts. She is a sweetie.
Manfred (in the thought bubble) has captured this dormie’s heart (or loins) as well, apparently!
Sevim and Zenka currently have a two-bolt relationship. I decided to keep as many options open as possible and therefore am trying to get their relationship to three bolts before the baby is born.* Zenka needs to up her body skill to improve their attraction, but there is no time to build that up- and she’s pregnant! The only option is to steal points from unsuspecting dormies. Good luck, Zenka!
*The rules actually state that on conception the relationship must be three bolts- I have already decided to abandon this, as I wondered whether to try and get Zenka and Tapmak to three bolts so that his baby would be eligible for heir.
‘That Zenka is playing games with me, Manfred!’
Oh stop wailing.
As Sevim remains totally taken with Zenka, Manfred frets over Faraday, asleep and stinking on the floor. I had hoped Sevim’s child would have a better baby/childhood that Sevim did, but it’s not looking promising, is it!
*sucking noises* We’ll get those five points if it kills me! Or Zenka’s relationships with all the dormies, at least.
There are actually plenty of red-heads (one of Sevims urn-ons) in this dorm, plus another when I need to hire the maid- which is all the bloody time. No one else touches the nappies. Sevim’s totally uninterested in the dormie on the left, but the maid sparks more interest. He actually has more chemistry with her than Zenka, currently. A potential spouse if it doesn’t work out with Zenka, perhaps!
Zenka sure is working hard on those body skill points. She knows what it would mean to become part of a legacy household. Jk, it’s hard and restricting.
First bump for Zenka!
Manfred (yeah his werewolf state is a bit messed up) continues his truly heart-warming college romance.
And Kay (an old friend of Sevim’s) actually spends a moment with one of her children. I think he has Tapmak’s hairstyle- cute.
You can do it Zenka! I’m behind you all the way!
Trufla (the yellow*) is not enjoying her junior year. Perhaps it’s too hard for a family sim to live amongst so many babies. It must be hard to be called a loony by Manfred, as well.
*and the one founder Phillip had an extremely inappropriate affair with D:
Oh, uh. Okay. I didn’t see that coming.
Ah yes, the evil gym guy must have loads of body skill points! She’s smart, this Zenka!
As Zenka has her second pop, *I* get a pop(up) telling me Sevim is sick. It’s winter currently, and I suppose the dorms are draughty. Trufla had better get on that soup-making.
Sevim managed to get a C, finishing the first semester of his sophomore year, despite feeling rotten.
Really rotten, actually. C’mon, Trufla!
‘Why yes, I would like to be surrounded by half-wild dog-wolves and breed even more!’
Hm, maybe the maid (she’s called Clemencia) would be a good fit. Having said that, I think she is ‘overweight’ (as if she looks it in any way) so maybe she’d be good for Soymek, who likes chubby red-heads. Hm.
‘That’s the last time you talk to my man, maid!’
Yeah, perhaps Soymek would be less complicated!
Yeah, that’s for the best, Clemencia.
With the sucking of dormie Lacey Bishop, Zenka grabbed her fifth body skill point, yay! This took about seven of those skill/aspiration sucking things, lol. Fingers crossed this will be enough for Sevim and Zenka.
Sevim is having a super time haha. A shorter college year plus slower skilling really is a challenge, and not everyone seems to be up to the task. But Sevim has to graduate to meet his mother’s LTW (to graduate three children from college). So keep going, Sev!
Sevim flops into bed after a long day of studying, having appropriate nightmares of the skilling helmet thing, and I notice that he has three bolts with Zenka now- YAAAAAS. I can relax a bit on that score, now. If Sevim becomes heir and his baby is a boy, he will be eligible.
Trufla really *really* isn’t doing well, yeesh.
Now that they are at three bolts, I got Sevim to officially make Zenka his girlfriend/partner.
Okay, has anyone seen this pop-up before? I have never! She’s not even very hungry. I mean, I *can* relate. Who hasn’t wanted cake despite not being hungry. It looks like a great one too.
How cute is Zenka.
Before I knew it, it was go-time!
‘Not another brat for me to look after. You’ve got to be kidding me.’
Hey, we pay you enough, don’t we?!
The labours of a (maybe future) L’Amour- the second generation is on its way!
Oh don’t look so shocked, Sev! You knew this was happening… right?
‘Does this mean I’ll get another best friend?’
HA, popularity sims.
Weee, baby time! (and just one, thank GOD)
Sev: ‘Ugh, that rubbish *stinks*!
Way to really make this cutscene cute, Sevim!
And here’s the start of generation 2! This little nugget has red hair and green eyes, just like mummy and grandpa Phillip (our founder), and the pale skintone of the L’Amour family. But will said nugget be eligible for the second heir, if Sevim is the first?
Yes, it’s a boy! I named this absolute sweetheart Prem. Which now I think of it, sounds more like a girl’s name (if we’re subscribing to such things as boys’ and girls’ names, ofc, which is silly at the end of the day).
Awh, and he’s thinking of his daddy.
Good job, you two! He’s so cute. I already can’t wait to see what he will look like as a toddler.
I’m such a sucker for sims 2 babies
I like to think this is Sevim thinking that he’s happy he’d had his first baby with Zenka, early and unideal as a college baby is.
Lol. Kay, perhaps spurred on by the new birth, puts a bit more effort into her own children. It would be *chef’s kiss* to have both toddlers potty-trained around here.
The end of the semester and year arrives, and poor Trufla couldn’t take the heat of her junior year. She’ll be making her way home, which is for the best. More space for whoever’s going to join Sevim and the rest next year.
And so we leave Sevim and his new baby Prem and head back to the main household, which is currently dealing with a *very* hot summer. I guess the uni is somewhere else on the globe, haha (or my households aren’t in sync weather-wise, I couldn’t possibly say!) Youngest generation one child Savma is demonstrating this horrendous summer very well here.
Ah yes, nice motherly, gentle work, Eloise XD. Founder Phillip’s wife Eloise is normally a very good mother, and I’ll respect her forever for dealing with the very early days of the legacy.
*face-palm*. It’s not like the radiator has been on this whole time! What a great simmer I am.
If you don’t remember, Elvira here became the second burglar to meet her, ah, *unfortunate* demise on this lot. Tapmak still has a want to see her ghost, and this is the first time she’s haunted! Tap could use the aspiration boost, as well.
Foreigner teen townie: ‘Um, I think I’ll be going now, Mr. L’Amour…..’
Founder Phillip, who was developing his body skill via yoga, was the second to succumb to the heat. Must be something to do with the tracksuit.
Ah, wrong child! So close as well, Tapmak is walking away! And poor Soymek is being laughed by another foreigner teen townie, to boot.
No no no, Tap! You need to see Elvira! There’s no time for passing out tonight!
The purchase of the day (only one thing from the buy catalog per day, according to the ‘Middle of Nowhere’ handicap rules) was a fan, for very clear reasons. It was more difficult to choose the room to put it in however, but I went for this one.
Wrong kid again, Elvira! She will never stop being a pain, will she?
Awh, poor Savma had an accident out of fright and her father chose to lecture her about it! So harsh D:
And her mother -.- I thought the youngest child was supposed to have the most freedom! Leave the poor kid alone.
Soymek’s twin Suyuu has been killing it in the garden, despite the heat, and has bagged herself a silver gardening badge- woo!
Soymek is trying hard too this weekend, but evidently I should have focussed more on his social need- whoops.
‘Hey bunny, have I ever told you how great I am? I have- wait for it- a *best friend for life*.
Betty decides to haunt us for the first time this weekend not long after her death- because she was always annoying, too!
See? -.-
Aww, at this point I noticed a very nice memory- Phillip meeting his first grandchild Prem. Not that he technically has met him yet, but it’s still nice!
!! Could this be what I think it is…..?
WOOOO, a long-locked want is finally achieved! Though I’m sorry Tap had to wet himself in the process.
Another heart-warming moment- sweet Suyuu tucking in her little sister Savma. How precious.
Oh. Maybe it just disturbed Sav.
Nah, she was just far too hot, as they all were that night in bed. The sink broke from all the (massive!) glasses of water the family fetched. Savma also wants to be friends with Dooty, the second petacy heir. Absolute cutie.
Back in the garden, and Booty (Dooty’s mum) is doing her best not to judge both Soymek and Eloise for talking to… no one, and a plant. A totally normal family.
Don’t judge me, I wanted to see if fighting the social bunny raises the social bar at all! I don’t often see the bunny! Not sure why Eloise looks so worried- for Soymek’s sanity, perhaps.
Soymek and his zero body skills managed to defeat the bunny, and I was shamed yet again by the pop-ups. Sorry Dettypig!
Soymek is hot on Suyuu’s heels and nabs himself a silver gardening badge in harvest season.
Lolol. I was so upset when the first flowerbed died at the beginning of this challenge (losing me the ‘green thumb’ handicap rules) as well. It’s far too hard to keep flowerbeds alive, man.
‘Do you remember when it *snowed*, Su? Wasn’t that INCREDIBLE? So cold!’
Woah, Savma. Having made friends with Dooty, she now wants to be the most important figure in his life. Well, why not? She can be his master while she lives here.
Oh no! The lovely augbergine plants are dying in the heat too! I can’t lose all those potential smoothie-skills! Get harvesting, guys!
Gah, another one! D:
Purchase of the day was a composter, so the dead plants won’t go completely to waste.
‘Beautiful sight outside. Flowers, bushes… dog graves.’
Heh, I really must move Betty’s grave.
Once all the vegetables were gathered, Eloise rolled lots of wants concerning a past would-be producer of Petacy heirs, Belle. Maybe in the future, Eloise.
As we near the end of the chapter, I thought I would give Tapmak another aspiration boost and invite young Sininen on a date. Zenka’s younger half-sister grew up to have quite a crush on Tap (two bolts already!) so she deserves a chance to impress him, I think.
Tap wasn’t very subtle about asking her out *eye roll*.
Eloise sets her sights on this ‘dog’ (yes, meant to look like a pig) but she scarpered before much bonding could happen. Still, plenty of time to find Dooty a mate.
Oh yes, I like the look of these two! Tap likes chubby brunettes- this could be a very nice match if Sininen puts on a few pounds. Though her father does hate Tap for knocking up her older sister. I won’t lie and say this is normal situation.
Sininen is Stranac and Modra’s daughter- her conception broke up Stranac’s marriage with Zenka’s mum, the ex-cow mascot. Everything is okay where that’s concerned though, and Stranac and Modra are still together.
Maybe Sininen is a bit childish still…
‘Hey, this burglar, right….’
Tap! You can’t give away the family’s burglar-related secrets!!
‘….well, she ‘passed out’ in our garden!’
Phew. That was close.
Missing out on the fun, I got Soymek to wish for love- he also needed a boost, and is a romance sim. He doesn’t want to be messing around with no dates. Far easier to have someone ready for love drop from the sky.
Soymek got a professor *vomit* out of the well- but I should’ve known it wouldn’t be a teenager. So I don’t know what their chemistry is, but he got his first kiss at least!
Meanwhile, Tap and Sininen’s date was going rather nicely.
‘Me? I like rounder boys.’
They even have a turn-on in common! Maybe they’ll have a food-filled loving future together, who knows.
Phillip has not played any much of a role in this chapter, and that’s because he’s been solidly skilling away. I reckon he’s only one promotion away from the top of his natural scientist career, woo! And this is the last skill point he needs.
On the other side of the garden, Tap gets his first kiss too with the lovely Sininen.
*smoooooooch* Ah, young love.
Lol, is Suyuu attempting a brag after Soymek was successful at one with the social bunny? These two don’t have a strong enough relationship for this to work, I feel! Or maybe it’s because she’s bragging about getting a D at school XD
Anyway, excuse the considerably saucy photo, but it was too good to miss out! These are the blue arms of Sininen, obviously, and the burnt buttocks of Tapmak. That must hurt.
He’s so sunburnt! But happy, no doubt. Let’s all take a moment to applaud Tapmak for sleeping with someone who isn’t romantically involved with his older brother.
Aaaand that’s almost it for this update- except for the following question: Will this little boy be the future of the legacy? Well, that rather depends upon who the first heir will be- and the time has come to finally choose.
Yes, it’s *finally* time for the first heir poll, after fifteen chapters. It’s up to you who will be the next heir, I don’t want any say-so whatsoever- it’s more fun this way innit. Here’s a little summary of what you might expect from each potential heir (only the boys are eligible because of the ‘patriarchy’ handicap rules)….**poll is now closed, see further down for the link to the results**
To enable Prem to be an eligible *second* heir, new daddy Sevim, eldest son of founder Phillip and wife Eloise, has to be voted first heir. Zenka looks like she’ll be his other half (and sort of is anyway), so expect more red-head (and maybe green-skinned) heirs from these two. Otherwise, it looks like Sevim will go for another sporty red-head and produce other red-headed heirs. He wants to be a sportstar. Considering Sevim and Zenka’s relationship, you might well expect a hippy, free-love and nature-adoring future if you choose Sevim as your heir.
Tapmak, second son of Phillip and Eloise, is the second potential heir. Currently infatuated with Zenka’s younger half-sister Sininen, Tapmak is likely to end up with a chubby brunette who isn’t one to fix things. If he indeed chooses Sininen, the two will likely end up cooking up feasts and smoothies and feeding each other into chubbiness. He wants to enjoy fifty dream dates (preferably for my sake, mostly with someone he settles down with!) This would all fit very nicely with the burden of the garden in this challenge, I would say!
Thirdly and finally, you can plump for Phillip’s alien offspring Soymek. Perhaps the wildcard choice, Soymek is a romance sim, and will likely therefore struggle to stick to one woman (perhaps his main woman will be the maid, though?!). He will nearly definitely provide ginger heirs if he gets his wish for lots of red-headed lovers, and could definitely go down the hippy, free-love path as well. Consider a vote for our potential lothario if you want a purple alien streak in this legacy!
So there we have it, our three young heirs. Choose well, choose who you want! I’ll leave the poll up for two weeks (do we think this is long enough/too long? This is my first poll!), and the candidate with the most votes will be the first heir of The L’Amour Legacy (in case that wasn’t clear ;D) Happy voting, and I’ll see you soon! Byeee!
Poll results here
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