Chapter 1.14

Yes, this is eldest child Sevim falling out of the dance-o-sphere in some fetching medieval outerwear at a friend’s house. He has to have his fun *some*how.
Welcome back to The L’Amour Legacy! When I last updated, I filled you in on the wholesome activity concerning young Zenka, friend and lover to both Sevim and Tapmak. Basically, Sevim and Zenka were all cutsey teenage-couple and *very* underage Tapmak came along and for want of a better phrase, stuck his oar in. So things weren’t very peachy between the three teens. To make matters worse, right before Sev and Zenka went to uni, Zenka discovered she was pregnant with Tap’s child. IKR. Sev and Zenka are in the same halls now, and we’ll catch up with their messy situation at the end of this update. But first, let’s check out the newsworthy moments of the time in between updates (i.e., whilst I was playing other people’s houses!)
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
Firstly, at one of the million family birthday parties, founder Phillip and wife Eloise *dared* to show their love for one another and caused embarrassment on the part of Phillip’s sisters. I know, so cringe, right ladies?!
Secondly, red-head-lover Sevim got lucky with this mystery woman! Maybe he’s not so sore about losing Zenka?
Mrs Robinson The mystery lady, Sev’s pre-college fling is part of the very rich Toricelli family. She’s also the same age as Phillip, so despite their two-bolt chemistry, Lucretia won’t be a potential second wife of this legacy (to my sadness; I do like her! She’s never found the person for her </3)
Now that Sevim’s off, we… still have a big house. Phillip and Eloise are middle aged, second eldest Tap is king of the children, then we have alien twins Soymek and Suyuu and youngest Savma. Notice how there is now no burglar Elvira, who muscled her way into this family portrait despite being dead. Voo 2, Elvira 1. And let that be the end of it.
I was greeted on the lot by this cow (and yes that is partially an insult) stealing our newspaper. This would be Zenka’s mum, Morgan. She plagues the neighbourhood as an ex-cow mascot, but this time actually has a reason to be a nuisance…
She is furious at Tap, which I’m guessing is almost definitely because he knocked up her underage daughter!
(Note: Morgan is a townie now, so her lifetime bar doesn’t represent the age she’d be if playable still ;))
Booty, for some reason: Food?!
I suppose there probably is some beef in dog food D: Booty is the wolf Eloise adopted last time in the hopes of breeding with current petacy heir Dettypig, after wolf Belle and him didn’t get on.
Dettypig is on the left with the long tail, and petacy founder Betty on the right. Normally, the two don’t particularly get on, so this is a sweet moment. Though maybe they disturbed Savma.
Purchase of the day (I’m allowed to purchase one item from the buy mode catalog a day, and one thing each from the build mode) was this chair, to go with the others around the big table. Exciting times. I stopped showing the build mode additions a while ago because there’s only so many ways to say ‘I built another bit of wall’- but I add two parts of wall, maybe a window or two, two pieces of floor, two strips of wallpaper, maybe a shrub or tree and recently, two squares of pool a day. Just so you know.
The garden is currently an all-aubergine garden (for them skills, yo!) Savma here looks *delighted* to earn her bronze gardening badge. It’s about time really, Savma. You can’t be a L’Amour without a gardening badge.
This looks very zoomed-in for some reason! Our old wishing well is pretty dried up (what with all the attempts at killing Elvira for the first and second times…), so whilst Phillip was at work and the kids all at school, I thought Eloise should give garden club membership a go. The following pictures are a good example of why a second wishing well is needed…
Just an innocent woman wishing for some friends (the more friends, the more points!)
Gah! Aspiration desperation. Turns out I wasn’t very careful, and Eloise had a fear of a failed wishing well wish.
That’s a -1 point for me 🙁
And the people in the background all hate Eloise (and all happen to be recently-spawned uni townies from Sev’s dorms, interestingly).
Whilst Suyuu was scrambling to finish her homework before school in her pyjamas, petacy heir Betty decided it was her time to leave this mortal realm. She also decided to do it right in front of poor Suyuu.
Suyuu: ‘Come ooon, how am I supposed to do my homework with this thing in my lap?!’
RIP Betty. You survived sharing a pet bed with many stinky toddlers in the cold and did your job, as founder. Eventually.
Eloise was waylaid from going to the funeral by skirmishes by the well.
But, things calm down and she returns to the ever-present job of maintaining the legacy tree and the garden. Tap returned from school with lowering grades, whoops. We’ll have to do something about that before it’s time for him to go to college.
It was then time for Suyuu to prove her place in a nature-loving family, and she nailed it- good job, Suyuu! Although- coworker?!
Oh shh…. Zenka’s father Stranac ambled by. And I don’t think he’s mad at Tap for stealing his tank-top style.
Lol, you could say Phillip was already an unnatural cross-breeder. Or the probing aliens were.
Woooo, Phillip! This is the highest he’s been in his natural science career!
After school, cutey Savma reached maxium enthusiam in nature whilst insect-collecting- no doubt correcting those labels really cemented that.
Soymek and his daddy enjoy a frolic in the garden- check out how weird sims’ feet are D:
Awww, Sav :'( She’s quite a little dog-lover, isn’t she?
Unlike at the beginning of the challenge, we’re actually okay to pay the bills this time- steep as they are.
6pm quickly rolls around, and for the young red-heads in the family today, this means only one thing…
They stop dead in their tracks, look weirdly sombre…
… and grow up! Here’s army Soymek!
And flowery Suyuu.
Soymek took a leaf out of both his big brothers’ books and fancies plump redheads. Unlike Sev and Tap though (who are popularity and pleasure sims), Soymek chose *romance* hoo boy. I find this fits with that underwear turn-off! This means none of the eligible heirs have chosen knowledge or family, the founding aspirations of this legacy. That would have made it easier, so lucky me. Suyuu chose popularity, like Sevim.
I updated the twins’ clothes to suit them and their lifestyles, to which they reacted very differently. Lol.
Ohhhh it’s happened! Perhaps waiting for the cover of darkness, angry dad Stranac stormed over and actually slapped Tapmak! This is not promising for any kind of future relationship between Tapmak and Zenka.
Oh, *especially* not now!! What are you thinking, Tap?!
Sininen (Stranac’s other daughter) translated: Hey Suyuu, I really fancy Tapmak but dad hates him. I heard you and your twin brother recently grew up, can I date him instead?
Oh, you haven’t been feeling very *fulfilled* lately, Tapmak? Maybe date someone your own age rather than just shagging your brother’s dates and that will change.
Yes, Phillip! Phillip has some points he needs for his next promotion and is doing a grand job of getting them.
That night, the *wrong* burglar ghost decided to make an appearance. Tap still has a wish to see Elvira’s ghost, and at this rate it won’t happen before Tap goes off to college.
Me: *puts Elvira’s grave nearer the house to coax her out*
Stranac meanwhile must not sleep at all; he’s stalked past the house several times tonight.
Purchase of the day *trumpet sounds*… another chair. Getting there.
Stranac: ‘Hey, what’s up, Eloise?’
Eloise: ”Sup Stranac, here to beat my son? Cool.’
The informality XD
Burglar number 1 here very unfortunately starved to death, and therefore likes to wake Phillip and Eloise up by opening and closing the fridge. It must be very loud, I guess!
That’s a whole bunch of yikes. Phillip’s only dreaming of his ex-girlfriend’s daugher whom he had a fling with a while back. Said daughter, Trufla, is now at college with Sevim. A whole bunch of yikes, as I said.
Oof. Tapmak is not having a good time of it. He has a low aspiration, has spots, is expecting a baby, made an enemy *and* wet the bed?! Don’t tell Stranac about the bed-wetting, that’s all I can say.
Suyuu’s been working hard, as ever.
HA. Look at the *menace* in this photo.
Tapmak: *voice quivering* H-hey, Soymek, did you know I get top grades at school?!
Ironically, Soymek *has* stolen Stranac’s look by going for the same red tank top. This was not intentional. Perhaps the menace is directed at both boys.
Soymek: Maybe I can disguise myself by hiding behind these aubergine smoothies. Or at least distract him with my amazing anti-gravity magic tricks!
Haha no, no awkwardness between these three. They’re just getting some skills!
Soymek gets one cleaning skill point and instantly thinks Dettypig stinks, lol.
It’s work and school time again! One of the rules of the ‘Middle of Nowhere’ handicap is that only children can get the bus to school, not teens. Phillip also can’t get a carpool to work.
(Those items in the back are poseboxes I was messing around with)
Ooh, righteous Tap to the rescue! ‘Tapmak is a defender of insect rights everywhere.’ Lol. Well done for defending this legacy’s principles, Tap!
Argh, Tap! Emergency study session needed! You were clearly spending too much time rescuing ants than studying. Both are important, boy! And where is this friend who decided to hang out with you after school, eh?
Ah, there he is. That’s Pong or something, on the right, who *all* the teen girls in the neighbourhood fancy. I think he’s going out with L’Amour cousin Marcia.
:O :O It worked, yay! Booty and Dettypig managed to breed <3
Please welcome little Dooty, the second heir in our petacy. Let me explain the name, okay? Dettypig was so named as a merger of his parents Betty and D-(can’t actually remember). I added the ‘pig’ because of Sex Education (on Netflix) reasons. Booty already has a ridiculous name, so is carrying on the merger tradition and calling this pup ‘Dooty’ really that bad? I don’t think so.
Little Doot! Yaaaaay.
Awww, I love this interaction. I also don’t think I’ve ever bred a wolf before.
Savma is much better in school than older brother Tap, because she is an all-round star. Those aspiration points are for the household getting a new puppy though, something quite a few of the household members wanted. Happy people all round!
I didn’t actually get an appraisal of the garden when Eloise rang the garden club earlier, so I’m doing it now. Last time, despite rubbish on the ground, leaves everywhere, a dirty stinking outside toilet, nappies on the ground and pee puddles, we somehow got a wishing well. This time we actually have healthy plants and zero nappies, so this should be a doddle, right?
Hm. Maybe not with such incompetent watering techniques. You sure you have a bronze gardening badge, Sav?
During the appraisal, Phillip went and bagged another promotion! He *must* be close now (I’m no good at remembering the career levels). Look at that sweet dosh.
WOO! More family friends, here we come! I don’t often try and get the wishing well, I feel like it shouldn’t be this easy? Maybe I’ll install some kind of mod to make it harder.
Phillip somehow came home with a cold. Nothing a quick orange juice won’t fix, though. A great way to celebrate a wishing-well triumph, too!
*Two* chief werewolves?! What a crazy night this is.
We move on now for a brief update on Sevim and his first year of college, and continuation of the story we’ve been waiting for. As we all know, college is a crazy place, where certain sims bring their toddlers and let random dormies throw them at the ceiling. It’s all good fun.
Early on in the year, Sevim was quick to congratulate awkward-sort-of-ex Zenka on her woohoo. Which solidified their friendship. Erm…
Apparently not one to bear grudges, Sevim quickly allowed a variety of flirtatious interactions with Zenka.
How am I meant to make this work?! Zenka is pregnant with Tap’s child D: But these two are so keen on each other.
When he wasn’t romancing Zenka, I made sure Sevim didn’t have greater chemistry with the various other redheads in the dorm (Sevim fancies sporty redheads), whilst skilling and studying. Weirdly, he had no good chemistry with any of them.
About halfway through the term, Zenka got some stomach cramps, and felt generally unwell.
She plunged into aspitaion failure, because she had a miscarriage- turns out halls isn’t the best place to get rest when you need it especially not with two toddlers screaming and pooping everywhere to be honest and I was focussing on Sevim, the only one who *needs* to graduate college (for Eloise’s LTW).
Though I was looking forward to seeing a Tenka/Zapmak baby, at least there are more simple options for the future of this legacy now, should either Sevim or Tapmak be voted heir. I’m not ruling out another complicated situation between the three of them arising, though *rolls eyes*
Awww. I can’t lie, I prefer these two as a couple if only because they are both of age.
ACR needed no help from me in terms of accelerating Sev and Zenka’s relationship, so I let it take the reins.
I took few photos of all the boring studying, but needless to say, Sevim scraped his C+ for the first semester, despite the Zenka-loving. He’s also reconnected with his old friend Kay (waving on the left).
Morgan (the ex-cow mascot) popped by, as she always does, to see her daughter in halls. Halls that she never terrorised in, might I add- these are fresh new halls with no graves (the College Adventures got a bit fiery, shall we say). It looks like Zenka is not finding it difficult to retell the events of this semester to her mother.
Sevim needed to up his body skill in his second semester, and spent lots of time with his skipping rope. The rest of the term was filled with the students frantically skilling (or stealing skills, using the thingy in the background), except for one other thing…. (brace yourself)
Are you kidding meeeeeee?!? I trusted you, ACR!! And you two! What are you playing at, with this risky woohoo? Zenka’s already got knocked up via one risky woohoo, and this isn’t the 60s! I know you’re happy, in-love college students, but c’mon! Do Kay’s twin toddlers not put you off? I guess Zenka is a hippy, free-loving kind of gal…
…shortly after that *bombshell*, it was final exam time. Sevim scraped by again. How he’s going to cope with passing college with a baby in tow is beyond me. Maybe I was too hasty in installing that slower skilling mod D:
On this scary note, I’m finishing the update. Do join me next time, where I will be attempting to get a three-bolt relationship out of Sevim and Zenka (so that the child might be eligible for second-generation heir, if Sevim is chosen as first-generation heir), to improve Tapmak’s grades so he can attend college, and to work out what sort of heir Soymek might be in preparation for: the first heir poll. Seeing as generation 2 could be on the way, I think it is time to choose out of the boys. So look forward to that next time, as well as further chair-purchases, snail-pace swimming pool-building and wolf-puppy rearing. Byeee!
These two be giving off The Shining-twins undertones.
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