Chapter 1.13

Welcome back to another L’Amour update! Last time, our main story was the inclusion of another burglar into the family, and the subsequent totally accidental, immensely sad death of Elvira the burglar. It was a busy time for Eloise, who finished Phillip’s portrait, nearly adopted a wolf and showed some very questionable behaviour with Tapmak.
In the break between episodes, the main news was the developing romance between Sevim and Zenka. Zenka rolled lots of wants to see and date Sevim, so date on a community lot they did.
Things got heated, though they liked to alternate making out with arguing, apparently.
*Very* heated. Do we like these two as a couple? I think by the time they’re adults I can massage them into a three-bolt couple.
Eyes on her face, Sevim!
Lol, doesn’t he look pleased with himself. You sure have caught a fine lass, Sevim!
The two did their fair share of sneaking out as well (Zenka must be freezing!) I’m not sure where Sevim picked up that fancy car, is this more acting out on his part? GTA?!
Back at the house for the update proper, I’m greeted by a very smiley Savma. Let’s see what happens this update!
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
Sevim needs to be knocking back those homeworks so he can actually go to college, so he’s knuckling down now. His birthday is in two sim days (one year!)
Eloise is enjoying the new(ish) table and chairs and their homegrown veggies- I think that’s some grandma’s comfort soup, or maybe cereal.
And the purchase of the day was another fine specimen of a chair. We’ll get there, people! A full set of chairs is the goal here.
!!!! Belle the wolf is here again so soon after last time, and I thought we’d never see her again! What are our chances? (I suppose the sheer number of trees in the back helps XD)
WOOOOO! Now let’s pray she likes the look of Dettypig and can produce heir number 2.
Hmmm. Belle has fought with our pettacy founder Betty in the past, but that doesn’t really say anything. Betty fights with everyone. She’s been a pain.
Breakfast time with Tap <3
Oh, what a FABULOUS start between Dettypig and Belle. Why is breeding pets so hard in this game?
This is another one of those cutesy, almost idyllic snap of the family and surroundings. The kids have better relationships these days. It’s almost as if them squabbling over bottles and lying around in stinky nappies wasn’t good for them. Who knew?
After getting fired recently, Phillip’s been doing well in his current career, yay! Dettypig might be doing less well *ahem*.
This is classic, nature-loving Sevim, this is. I think he would go for a new organisation. If anything, the L’Amours are brave trailblazers.
Nice! Good job, Sevim.
As it’s Sevim’s penultimate day round here, I thought it would be nice to give Sevim and Tap some nature bro time at the nature lot he’s just won membership of.
Tapmak: ‘Are you going to look at me for the whole car journey? That seems unsafe, Sev.’
Here we are! What an… entertaining lot. So much to do, lol.
‘Good job on getting a best friend who was probably me or one of our parents, bro!’
What a wholesome, brotherly time.
Haha, I love watching what the townies get up to in the background. The nature guy is the one in the low-cut black top, being flirted with by the teenage cashier. Who doesn’t work here, I might add.
Sevim greatly enjoyed peacefully planting seeds in whatever these things are called, I think.
Less peaceful was noogying the poor cashier.
‘Now that’s not the attitude we have on the nature lot, Sevim. This place is all about peace, friendship and harmony. I invited you here to simply enjoy the fresh air and be at one with your surroundings.’
Yeah, like Sevim doesn’t get enough fresh air at home.
Oh for goodness’ sake. Can’t Phillip leave his teenage sons alone on their first damn outing away from home?
Oh of course! Why not the mum, too?! The more the merrier!
So embarrassing. I guess they’re some of the few sims in the neighbourhood with nature membership cards and that’s why they’ve shown up
‘Sev, please, we barely made it here safely. Eyes on the road this time.’
On the way home- look at this nonsense!! I want Elvira to haunt the family so Tap can realise his want, but I didn’t want this kind of haunting! This would be a very sweet portrait if not for her. Something will definitely have to be done about this.
January 2021 edit: I just noticed whilst rereading this that Savma’s not in the portrait- what?!
Back home in the afternoon, Eloise is very lackadaisical yet again with her fish-grilling.
Savma brought a sweet boy back from school and abused him for the sake of her fun meter.
And it is wolf town around here!
Sevim *is* still working hard on his homework, but I will grant that this looks like he’s just sitting in the flowers. He’s such a nature boy.
One day more! One more day until our eldest finally becomes of age.
Oh no no NO, Eloise! It was a very weird thing to do but it wasn’t an affair. Though I suppose if it felt ‘so darned right’ it could be considered one…*bleurghhh*. Eloise really is some kind of ‘family sim’! This had better not have consequences if Tap is heir (or even otherwise!)
Speaking of, Tapmak (who has no record in his memories of anything happening with his mum) achieved his gold gardening badge- yay! It’s nearly harvest time, so having someone else to ‘talk’ to the plants will really help.
Eloise, the dab-hand with the friendship dog treats! This is Booty (yeah, I know). She is an insurance dog in case Belle and Dettypig end up fighting. We don’t have too long!
Gimme that Booty!
Phillip has been working on Eloise’s portrait and finished today! I don’t get any points for spouse portraits, but I just think it’s nice. She’s put in just as much (if not more?!) work into this legacy than Phillip, she deserves remembrance after she’s gone, too.
Right, sorting out time. The game thinks Elvira still lives here, when actually, she doesn’t live at all! A little resurrection wish (our last wish!) and second death might do the trick.
*grits teeth* Hello again, Elvira. Did you enjoy your time with Cyd in the afterlife? Don’t get used to being back!
Whilst we wait for the wishing well to recharge (she *will* be dying in the same way), the purchase of the day is another chair. Exciting times, I know, I know.
‘Why don’t you be a good doggie and try and make more good doggies with Dettypig, eh, Booty?’
Booty gets on with Dettypig much more than Belle, so *Booty* it is. Fingers crossed for some little wolfy miracles.
‘Wow, newborn puppies. I wish I could have more babies.’
‘I only have three.’
Not for lack of trying.
Do your best, Dettypig! It’s all on you.
C’mon, heavy money bag! Elvira’s been plaguing us for too long!
Sweet! Elvira’s second funeral was well-attended. By a vampire and several dogs. What a send-off.
See!! What did I tell you! There’s a very low chance of success for these two, but I wouldn’t put it past this game to give me a nasty surprise.
Oh! Looks like I should’ve waited a bit longer to kill Elvira and this storm might have done the job for me. But I did want to keep a wishing-well death.
Oh no, Sevim, that is beyond the pale. Just enjoy your last day of school (eek!) and forget about that burglar.
Tapmak’s grades are slipping, as is his relationship with gravity, apparently. Nevermind, plenty of time before *he* goes to college to get his grades up.
Awh, Tapmak brought home a girl. Is that another reason his grades are slipping?
Wow, the first thing this girl did was annoy Sevim. What happened at school between them?!
Sevim needs to get into a better mood though, as he’s having a leaving-for-college goodbye party!
Booty and Dettypig have been continously trying for a pup. Perhaps there’s not enough space in the household and these tries are for nothing, but at least it entertains the party guests!
Ohhh great. Perfect timing, you two. I guess they got ideas from Dettypig and Booty and just *had* to snog at Sevim’s going away party.
YES! Phillip’s LTW is to top the natural scientist career, and he’s found it again on the computer, woo! Because it’s very normal to be job-hunting during a party, as anyone knows.
…yes, Phillip. Once again, thank you for announcing your new occupation to the room.
The *actually, human* linguist here is trying to suppress my annoyance and remember this is a game with much made-up silliness. None of this is possible, people, in case you need to hear that.
Phillip: *look away, Phil* Sevim will not like this ONE bit….
Does Tap hate his brother or something?? There’s no way he won’t find out about his D:
Yep, there we go. Poor Sevim.
He is rightfully mad at both his sort-of girlfriend and his little brother. Zenka got the majority of his slaps though.
Unsurprisingly, the party was ranking as ‘snoozer’ at this point. Hopefully the extended family can boost it a bit.
Aww, Sevim’s littlest cousin did his best to cheer him up. Do they have the same nose? Adorable. That toddler is so cute.
….and rather scary!
Another L’Amour cousin is on the way (it was a late surprise for Phillip’s younger sister, another very happy family sim) and Phillip had some bonding time with the unborn baby.
‘Hi! Yes! I’d like to move to college, please!’
It’s happening!
*Some* of the family came to actually say goodbye to the eldest son *eye roll*.
And he’s off! We’ll catch up with Sevim and meet the other people in his year at college in the next update and see if he can scrape through his first year with his rather lacklustre skills. Maybe he’ll be tested in gardening and stargazing skills?!
The wolves clearly saw Sevim’s departure as their cue to take over the small, floorless bedroom/fish room.
Yes, sadly we have no need for Belle though her relationship with Dettypig has improved a little. Plus hopefully with Sevim and Belle gone from the household, there will be enough room for a pup or two.
Eloise chose to sell Belle to Phillip’s brother-in-law, who happens to have a very full house of children (and has one on the way!) I’m sure a large, untrained wolf is just what he needs right now.
With Sevim safely out of the way, Tap continued wooing Zenka (not that it stopped him before, of course).
”If a burglar dares trespass on our lot, there’s a great bomb of trouble coming their way!’
‘Why yes, the number graves has greatly risen around here…’
Lol. That’s it for this update, thank you for reading as always! Join me sooner than usual for a pre-college interlude which will briefly introduce Sevim’s classmates so you know who some of the crazy people in the background are at college. In the next main update, the spotlight will be back on Soymek and Suyuu as they become teens. Stay tuned to see what sort of fate will likely befall them and their aspirations, and to see if Sevim can (or wants to) woo Zenka back, or if Tapmak will manage to keep her interested in him. See you soon!
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