Chapter 1.12

You join me today for Chapter 12 of The L’Amour legacy! I’m going to do a little recap on who everyone is, in case you need it. So here’s our founder Phillip. He’s recently turned 40, was forced to resign his dream job and had an affair with a teenager (yikes). He’s not doing so well lately, but has been a good legacy founder so far. He is a knowledge sim who likes science. He’s understated, pretty shy but can be quirky. He has a massive extended family (as he’s the son of two family sims) and gets on with them pretty well. My ongoing goals for Phillip are to keep things running smoothly, basically! Hopefully he’ll soon be back on track with his job as well.
Phillip’s legacy partner in crime is his long-suffering wife, Eloise. They love each other a lot and have three bolts for each other (as per the rules), but I say long-suffering as it’s Eloise who has had to do the vast bulk of the housework and child-rearing in their hole of a house when Phillip was at work. Life is better for Eloise these days now the children are older and there’s a *bit* more space in the house. She’s a top gardener and a family sim who loves nature (luckily for this challenge). Her LTW is to have three children graduate from college. Eloise has been a great mum to all the children so far (even the ones that aren’t hers) and I hope to give her an easy-ish retirement one day!
The eldest child is Sevim here, who’s gradually reaching adulthood. Our spotty Sev is a popularity sim who likes nature like his mum. As the eldest, he had a ROUGH toddler/childhood (not that life is great now in the house) and never slept in a cot. He’s quiet and understated too (despite his 9 outgoing points!), not great in school and wants to be a sportstar. He’ll have to go to college to please his mother, though!
The second eldest is Tapmak, who grew into a pleasure teenage sim in the last update. Tap is visually identical to Sevim (hence the different haircut!) and had a marginally better childhood than his older brother. He’s very playful and friendly, and wants to have 50 dream dates. He’s been a great help in the garden, but his interest lies in sport.
The first of Phillip’s alien twins is Suyuu. She is a 10-nice-point sweetie who seems to take after her dad concerning her interest in science. She hasn’t got on very well with her twin brother but has a good relationship with Tapmak and Phillip. Suyuu likes studying and completing homework, but what will the dice give her as an aspiration? Only time will tell. As a girl, she will not be eligible for heir, sadly.
Sombre Soymek is the other alien twin. He is very sweet to his family members but avoids homework more than his twin. Both the twins inherited red hair from both Phillip and their alien parent and Soymek has an interest in cuisine (not that he’s used that interest yet!) Soymek, as the third boy, will be eligible for first heir with his older brothers. He’s had a sickness-related near-death experience though, so who knows if he can make it that far! Fun (??) fact: Soymek is the only child to not be an Aries; he is a Capricorn.
Finally, Savma is Phillip and Eloise’s youngest. She’s only recently grown into a child. Savma has a great relationship with her oldest brother Sevim, with who she shares a very similar personality. Savma has unsurprisngly had the best toddler-hood out of all of the children so far, having lots of attention directed just to her. As the baby of the family, I think she’ll get away with a lot of things in the future, but we’ll see 😉 Savma too, of course, cannot be heir.
Then we have the dogs. I’m attempting a pettacy on the side of the legacy, and trying to ‘strengthen’ the breed throughout the heirs. So far, the strength is 0.5. I’ve just reread that getting all the pet skills and reaching the top of the career adds to the breed strength which I’d forgotten! So expect an attempt at that 😉 Anyway, this is our founder dog Betty, who has been a massive pain to be honest. Maybe she is generally grumpy because she’s had to share a pet bed with various toddlers in the snow, but she doesn’t get on with ANY dog. It was a big relief when she tolerated Diddy (yes, ‘Diddy’) long enough to produce a measly single pup. These days, Betty is getting old and likes playing with the children and fighting with her offspring *eye roll*.
The first heir is Dettypig. He looks pretty much identical to his mum except that luscious tail. I haven’t paid him much attention so far as there is no rush to breed him, but he seems to get on with other dogs (except his mum) better than his mum. Hopefully there will be fewer problems getting heir number 2. The dogs mostly stay in the background, so you might not see much of them.
Click here to browse the family tree 🙂 Just hit ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left.
Now that we are up to speed on who everyone is, on with the next update! This is what I saw when I opened the lot; Savma staring weirdly at Tapmak. She’s a unique one.
Eloise is currently developing her creativity skill and has outed herself as heartless woman! She wants to *sell* our heir Dettypig, even though they’re doing okay for money at the moment. I ask you! I was pleased to notice that finally, she doesn’t want any more babies. You know it makes sense, Eloise.
‘Hey little bro, I’ve got some gossip about our aunt….’
That was the whole gossip, by the way. The existence of their aunt. Absolutely shocking.
‘Hey, great portrait, wifey! How about you practise your life-drawing skills now….?’
Eloise finished Phillip’s founder portrait, yay! She’s spent a lot of time developing her creativity skill and it’s finally paid off. That’s half a point for me!
‘He’s naked, isn’t he.’
Looool, that’s all your mug is worth, Phillip. 27 simoleans.
In between updates, Zenka had rather a change of heart and decided she did quite like Tap (in a platonic way). The two of them continued to hit it off under the scrutiny of this wolf.
It’s been a while since I worked on enticing burglar no.2 over (to visit… and stay…. forever!) therefore Eloise hopped on the phone.
‘So I burgled this idiot guy’s house…’
Yeesh, think of your audience when gossiping, Elvira! You’ve also burgled this house D:
Eloise: ‘HAHA, that burgling story is so funny, you’re now my best friend. On another note, do you want to move into our tiny house that definitely has room for you and has no burglar grave?’
Elvira: ‘That sounds great!’
12,000 Simoleans, ohhhhh yeah!
THE TELESCOPE! <3 Elvira kept the second stolen telescope, and it is the L’Amours’ once again. She also had a nice load of other stuff.
And a telly.
While I decided what fate would befall her, Eloise was put to work like burglar no.1 was.
Charming, Savma.
The building of the day included two squares of what will be a pool in the future. Modest beginnings and all that.
The purchase of the day was another quality bed to replace the cheaper one that was there before.
Elvira’s fate is decided- death by wishing well. Unfortunately, her first wish was successful- but at least we get some money out of it! Back to work for now, Elvira.
Meanwhile, Sevim continues to develop his science enthusiasm and got this pop up. Haha… not this time. Maybe if you become heir, Sevim. This house is busy enough as it is.
Eloise: ‘Tapmak, you have to learn to be responsible and scrimp every now and then, especially if you are chosen as heir and have too many children running around your ankles. Money doesn’t just grow on trees.’
‘It falls out the sky though, mum.’
She can’t argue with that!
Second time unlucky…
As I put Elvira back to work once again, I saw there was an option to have her ‘sneak’ instead of walk XD I never knew that was an option as a playable burglar!
Eloise with her pet-related wants again, sigh. She wants to ‘command Shouji to come here’ Shouji has not lived in this house for a good while. What do you want, Eloise, to tell him to come here… all the way from wherever he is?! Even if that were possible, no one needs his chaos!
‘That fish tank was a good steal. Oooh, that piano too. What a find. But that fish tank especially tho.’
It became easier to simply have Elvira watch the clouds rather than dig, and she started presumably reminiscing about past burglaries. She also decided at this point that she was straight XD Your sexuality will not matter very soon if I have my way, Elvira…
Little Soymek has been a good egg in the garden lately, and rightly earned his bronze badge. Many hands make light work!
I found Suyuu inside, chatting to Phillip’s fling’s little brother. Here’s hoping they are not talking about anything unsavoury…
Wolf (why are there always wolves??): ‘Are you okay, ma’am?’
Phillip nabbed what has to be at least his second whale-related job. He also brought home a vampire in the middle of the day. Why not?
Later that night…yeeeeeeeesh. Eloise is indeed naked, post-love-making with Phillip. Let’s move on *very* quickly… *bleaches eyes*
Whilst everyone (except Phillip, I suppose) it finally happened! Elvira wished for money at the well, and got knocked all the way out by a very heavy moneybag. Yay! THAT’S WHAT YOU GET, YOU GREEDY LITTLE BIVALVE!
RIP Elvira!
Two graves for two types of ghost 🙂 Not that I know what colour ghost Evira will be, but she died in different way than burglar number 1 (starvation). It’s all points points points.
Purchase of the day: this chair. Slowly but surely, people.
The next morning: family party in the bathroom! I guess no one wants to use the other, outside, very public and dirty toilet (I wonder why?!)
Little Savma loves being read to, and if left to her own devices, will bug her mum or dad for a story…
Eloise: ‘Once upon a time there was a teddy bear…’
Savma: We never had these ‘teddy bears’…
‘The teddy bear liked to play the xylophone….’
Savma: What’s a ‘xylophone’?…
‘And play with his toy car.’
Savma: ….. do I have a really deprived childhood?
Maybe hearing stories is Savma’s way of escaping her toyless reality!
Lol. She DEAD. What do you want with her anyway, cousin? Did she rob you, too?
Sevim doesn’t seem to mind his ‘horrible grades’, they are probably quite good for him. He needs to get into uni though!!
In the not too distant future, it’ll be time to start trying for the second heir of the petacy, and Eloise was doing very well befriending this wolf (because wolves are the only animal to visit these days).
SO CLOSE. She left right before Eloise tried to adopt her :'( I’ll probably never see her again, because that’s always the way, isn’t it? Notice how Eloise slightly befriended another female wolf (and still wants to give a command to Shouji!)
Sevim, please. One does not simply resurrect a burglar (especially a burglar one has killed). The pop up at the end of his update informs us that in two days (1 sim year), Sevim becomes of age and is off to uni! Tapmak is 13, the twins 10 and Savma is 7. I’m planning on doing the first heir poll once the twins are teens and Soymek has rolled his aspiration, so we’ll know what sort of future to expect from each potential heir. (What do we think of this? Would you rather vote on who is heir further into Soymek’s teenage years so we have a clearer picture of who they are? Or as soon as he grows up? Let me know!)

Next time, expect the grand departure of Sevim!
Savma: ‘Now we definitely had a toilet.’ (The toddlers’ favourite toy lmao)

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