Chapter 1.10

Welcome to Chapter 10 of The L’Amour legacy, where we are in the middle of raising generation 1, and have just finished raising generation 1 of the alongside petacy. I.e., Dettypig has grown up. I leave the dogs to it for the most part, so Dettypig won’t have fantastic behaviour as an adult but oh well!
Check out the family tree here (click ‘trees’ at the top then ‘genomap 1’ on the left) before we get started 🙂
Sevim grew up in the last chaper, and rolled the popularity aspiration. You’re not going to do very well with that attitude, Sevim. He doesn’t have great relationships with any of his siblings other than Savma.
Who is just the biggest cutie when it comes to the dogs!
Winter is coming well on the way, and Suyuu is doing her bit to get the harvest in, once Eloise has talked each plant up to thriving.
Phillip’s job in the natural science career remains in the marine domain as he gets promoted to clam wrangler. Great job, Phillip!
D’aawwh. Also, I love ‘slippery little bivalve’ as an insult.
WHOO! This will be the first child in the legacy to be potty-trained! Savma can also walk- let’s see if I can get all three before she grows up.
It was at this point that I remembered that I had, in fact, won a wishing well a few chapters previously. What with the genie lamp all used up, I got Eloise to make a wish for some cold hard Simolean.
What a godsend! This should help with the bills.
Strawberry juice (single serving) becomes the next smoothie ticked off the list after boot. (If I make them all, I get a point).
Tapmak improves his fishing skill (and nature enthusiasm)…
And Phillip quickly makes orange juice, because the flu has already hit the household.
Money, money, money….
We managed to harvest a good amount of aubergines for our second winter, and Sevim is the lucky sim who gets the first taste (and free skillpoint! Which I think was in logic).
That’s Eloise’s bug collection on the wall. She hasn’t had time to work on it for a while, as she’s trying to improve her creativity skill so she can paint a portrait of Phillip. Maybe Sevim can take over bug duty.
When he’s not doting on his youngest sister! These two are bound to get on famously, having identical personalities.
More money for the bills is needed….
And Phillip undergoes surgery to remove several ribs.
Nah, Phillip has been working out to increase his body skill for all that clam wrangling. Those slippery little bivalves won’t be getting away from *him*! Though it’s weird to see Phillip without his belly :O
Strawberry juice- check.
All that arguing over bottles as toddlers left the purple twins with a pretty negative relationship. Soymek dislikes Suyuu more than the other way around, but I hope they can fix this. Yes, they both have 10 nice points. Why do you ask?
‘Let’s settle our differences; we’re both freaks in this house, right?’
Phillip is permaplat and making great use of the re-energiser thing, so doesn’t sleep as much as his wife. He likes to gaze happily at her, though.
Purchase of the daaay- more lights. Boring, practical, essential.
Savma really is the apple of the family’s eye 🙂
In the morning, it was Sevim’s first day at teenage school. As per the rules, he can no longer get the bus, and must drive.
I made him take all his school-age siblings too, whilst Phillip goes to work.
Soymek: ‘Sevim learnt to drive since last night? Cool!’
Also not sure where Suyuu disappeared to!
I’m not too familiar with the natural scientist career route, therefore I was interested in Phillip’s new job as… scatmaster. No more slippery little bivalves for Phillip!
Another day, another rejection from Elvira. We’re grinding her down though, no problem.
Hm. I think anyone would be interested in cuisine after downing some sweet, skill-giving aubergine juice. We have enough to serve tonnes of it now, yay!
Bit of a weird purchase of the day today… I wasn’t sure what to get, so went with a bit of entertainment out in the snow. I didn’t realise until later that only teens and adults could use this *rolls eyes*.
In the middle of the night, disaster struck. As I said before, the flu is creeping around the house, and it was too much for poor Soymek.
Immediately, the whole family barged in and patriarch Phillip took it upon himself to do the begging. I haven’t had great luck with this lately, but he does have a very good relationship with Soymek….
Result! No child grave on MY lot!
Don’t look too pleased, Soymek. I guess he wanted the sweet release of death to be out of this weird house.
After an unsuccessful day at school, (hey, he doesn’t need much of an education to be a sportstar, right?) a cold Sevim went to release some pent up energy by chucking some axes… rather wildly, if you ask me.
It’s a tough day for Betty, our pet founder, too, as she gets beaten up in the snow by her own pup. Nice!
Soymek’s doing very well at school…
Stinky Tap is also doing okay at school, but the cold has got to him.
He has aspirations of becoming a snowman, perhaps. Lying face first in the snow isn’t a great moment for Tapmak.
As you can see, Eloise is approximately halfway through her adult life, and inexplicably wants a*nother* baby. I know the aliens aren’t related to her, but come on! The wishing well want is much more reasonable, however.
It’s aubergine time again! I need Eloise to get those creativity points!
After she’s done warming up her rump, of course (this was yesterday’s purchase, I suppose!)
Sevim is *delighted* at the snow day, as less than a model student. I was less happy- it’s a nice change to only have three sims to control. There’s not even a garden to maintain, as it’s winter!
Whilst… mourning Cyd (?) and frollicking in the snow, Soymek also freezes and I get a SoWo popup. They seem to care less about Tapmak, lol.
With my slower skilling mods, Savma surprised me by bagging a logic skill point. Maybe she’s not preoccupied with getting crappy sleep in the snow and crying in a dirty nappy. Who knows.
Today’s purchase was *actually* something to entertain the children- whatever this thing is called! The house has the outdoor space, and currently, the simoleans. Go wild, kids!
Phillip is ACING his career, and today brought home the only other playable in the career. And it’s almost birthday time!
Our Sevim was lacking in aspiration points, so I thought he could use a boost in the form of a date.
Slick, Sevim. His friend Zenka is a red-head; I hoped there’d be some attraction there.
Yep! Two bolts, if I remember- not bad.
What a face! And has he sprouted spots since talking to Zenka? This is Sevim awkwardly flirting/asking Zenka out on a date.
And the date is surprisingly successful! I guess Zenka is just blown away by the charming surroundings.
Suyuu: *pretending to ignore her older brother on a date* Ohh, yes! LADYBIRDS!’
The budding couple move their date into even more romantic surroundings (cringe).
Whilst poor, poor Eloise has a bit of a breakdown. I just can’t give them another baby!
Goodness! Sevim is quite the charmer.
*date ends, puts baby sister to bed*
Zenka: *swoons*
With Sevim nicely boosted, I pop the tired sims to bed and made the purchase of the day- this light. Much better.
On the final day of this update, long-suffering Betty reached elderhood, aw. SoonISH it’ll be time to find Dettypig a mate and get the second generation of the pettacy. Hopefully it won’t be as hard as with Betty….
Sevim looks like he did not have a good day, and brings home his cousin.
And Suyuu has the funniest want I’ve perhaps ever seen XD What did that penguin ever do to you, Su?! This is one want that won’t be fulfilled.
Right before I went, Betty got herself in a good position to watch tonight’s show- the youngest resident growing into a child.
And here Savma is in her fetching green dungarees (the ones Sevim wore). I don’t think she managed to learn to talk, but not wetting the bed will be a dream for this girl!
Thanks for joining me on this update 🙂 Do join me next time for Tapmak’s birthday and to see if I’ll EVER be able to kill Elvira and paint Phillip’s portrait. Maybe he’ll have the Cowpant by then- are cowplant ghosts annoying? I don’t know! See you next time 🙂
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