Bonus chapter 1: Graduation for four!

Last chapter, we saw our two original sims, Ron and Sarah, finish their last exam. Hurray!! These are some photos of the goings-on of their celebratory shindig.
Awh. These two have had their ups and downs over the years, but have come out of the university experience on good terms.
Sarah totally pulled it out the bag and achieved an A+ for her final grade in Art. She’s done very well to cultivate many great relationships- both romantic (Martin, Stranac, Prof Creepy) and platonic. Her role of mother hen last year suited her well when she enjoyed settling in five new freshers. Her dream now is to be top in the Artist career (I can never remember what that is called) and for now, she is moving back in with her old mum who lives in a big spacious house since the death of her cousins. She’d love to fill that house with paintings and maybe a family- if the right sim comes along.
Ron also achieved A+, in Political Science. He particularly enjoyed his two years of dorm experience, befriending everyone within a short space of time (including Anne Cooke, RIP) and slowly patching things up with old friend Sarah. He hosted many a party whilst somehow also keeping his grades up and eventually saved up enough to start his own Greek house- there not being an existing one. His girlfriend Bitxi joined him in the house for his final year and he can’t wait until she graduates so they can start their adult lives together. In the meantime, he’ll move back in with his parents while he pays off his student debt and saves up a bit to get his own place.
Aleric, also graduating, promptly popped out to purchase a pizza for the party (unintentional tongue-twister there for you!)
Congratulations to our graduates! (Aleric would not put on a cap and gown, nor drop the pizza).
Thera was the first to fly this Greek nest…
She perhaps unwisely chose old nearly-flame Greg to pose with her. Hmmm.
I’ll only miss you a little bit, Thera.
Aleric is next, looking just as young as before, if not more!
Then our lovely Sarah.
Ron grows up into some uncharacteristically nerdy clothes before leaving his college life behind him.
Bye, Ron and Sarah! Thanks for being great first student sims 🙂
As an extra bonus, enjoy some old snaps of these graduating sims! This was a Christmas with Greg and Ron- good friends now and then.
Heidi here was Ron’s first kiss and girlfriend before Bitxi came along.
Sarah’s first flame was unsurprisingly, Stranac. I liked the idea of their future curly-haired babies at that point!
Stranac had some *issues* at the time however, and would go around slapping pretty much everybody.
The moment one of our favourite couples got together <3

See you soon for the fifth year of the college adventures!

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