Bonus chapter 2: Bye Stranac, Pod and Greg!

What a proud day it is in the Greek house today, as we wave off Stranac, Pod and Greg onto their graduate lives back home. They all did extremely well academically and ended up all loved up as well! (not in a threesome together, one might add…). On the big day, Greg plumped for a red-lined hood, whilst the other two went for blue. Do I know what the hell the different colours mean? No, no I do not. We all had white furry lined hoods *shrugs*.
I decided a casual photoshoot with close family was in order, so here’s Greg with his parents Miles and Tipua. His relationship with his Dad still isn’t great and his mum’s house is quite full, so Greg and Pod will probably move into their own place.
Aww, graduating together.
Here’s Pod with her mum Helen (left), stepmum Allison and daughter Sara. Her daughter is pretty estranged from her so she’ll most likely be staying with her dad and grandmas for now.
Stranac’s mum Dearg and son Nofs were naturally here too. Stranac is looking forward to living with his son again.
Miles and Tipua never buried the hatchet after their messy divorce all those years ago. Miles is just a very spiteful man. In the background is Tipua (and Dearg)’s brother Thomas Jr., here to celebrate his niblings’ achievements.
‘Here son, why don’t you go and talk to the only other kid at this party?’
I love that enthusiastic handshake kids do.
With Nofs occupied, Stranac thought it best if he introduce his fiancee to his mother, finally.
‘What do I like doing at school? Well…’
‘I guess I like maths…’
Way to be your mother’s daughter, Sara.
As the party heated up, I am ashamed to say that poor Allison had to get up close and personal with the disgusting downstairs loo. Too much punch perhaps?
It wasn’t just family invited to the send-off of course. Sarah made an appearance…
As did some of the dormies. Allison’s feeling better!
‘There are a lot of aliens around here, aren’t there, cuz?’
Cool-jacket Ron showed up as well to celebrate his friends.
The success of the party was largely down to Tipua and her husband lovin’ all over the place. Poor Kimyona.
Greg was the first to do the grow-up wiggle…
…and he grew up into something totally expected.
Stranac is next, and no I did not throw three separate graduation parties!
Look at that cheesey grin.
Beautiful Pod was next, sticking to her blue theme very nicely.
And with Pod day-dreaming about her future with Greg, we’ll leave the remaining Greek house residents until next year. Catch up with us next time to see if another year in the dorms is even viable with the growing number of hauntings, whether the girls can sort their issues out and whether any other kind of spanner will be thrown into the works. Bye!

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