Bonus chapter 3: An eventful graduation party

Before the festivities of another graduation, the *actual* big news. This is a new college townie! Everybody try and remain calm, I know it’s a lot to take in. She moved into the dorms as I was getting the residents to join the Greek house. Enjoy your short stay in this lovely haunted accommodation, random newbie!
First to apply was Kimyona. This is the first time in the stories the sim hasn’t automatically got accepted because they already had good relationships with the members. Kimyona here has good relationships with Giovanni and her ex, but never made an impression on Furcsa and obviously hates Filia. She has her work cut out for her.
‘You are VILE ALIEN boyfriend-stealer who needs to stay away from me!’
‘Yes, yes, I am completely vile, I agree!’
Kimyona pulled it off and then it was Laska’s turn. She DID make an impression on Furcsa when she lived here so only had to charm Giovanni. She got in no problem, and Sopresa was already a member, so it was then time to head over to the Greek house and say farewell to our seniors.
‘Mmmm, 3am post-exam pizza.’
Honestly Gio, go for it. You’ve just completed your degree (even if there is somehow only one exam and no dissertation… sims have it so easy).
The next day I got the party underway and invited all the friends and families of the graduands. Filia here is very smitten and happy with Philippus and presumably also his ridiculous shaved hair and sideburns situation. I’m glad she found some happiness after the unpleasantness with Syndod.
Speaking of unpleasantness… *this* is still going on. Yes, Ron is downstairs partying away. It just can’t end well.
But anyway, time for the official famalam pics! I realised Furcsa only has two relatives after her aunt died, so here she is with her mum and son.
Gio’s mum and younger twin siblings Cesare and Lucretia came over (their Dad passed away before Gio left for college).
And here’s the twins with their parents and *their* younger twin siblings.
Yay for successful graduates!
Furcsa’s boyfriend Aleric of course is here too. I’m excited to get them shacked up.
Aleric wants to marry a rich sim. Hmm, Furcsa might count when she moves back home I suppose…
But someone whose wants were crystal clear was Philippus’ (family sim, say no more). With all Filia’s family around, he went down on one knee. Who would have thought Filia would get two proposals in college after breaking up with Syndod?
She said yes and they did this very cute, intimate snuggle thing. Filia’s dad is the picture of a happy family sim!
‘Aaah, I can *smell* the grandsims.’
???!!! Dude! You’re a family sim who had a want to get engaged! What the hell? Love that he’s whipped out an assignment to complete on the ground at a party, too.
‘Framandi, I was thinking of making a proposal too, if I have your blessing.’
Why not make this a triple celebration? Aleric and Furcsa have had to wait long enough.
‘Uhhh… it might not be a surpise now, Aleric…’
Apparently he isn’t very observant.
Though the look on Furcsa’s face indicates it was a (very very happy) surprise.
Awwwwww <3 Love these two.
Then all of a sudden, things weren’t quite so happy.
‘Do you think he’s seen us yet?’
The woohoo in front of him didn’t offend our Ron, but this romantic kiss sure did!
It was at this point that I went into Bitxi’s relationships and saw she only had two bolts for her very long term boyfriend. Could this be why she strayed to the flabby form of Phillip?
Wow 🙁 This is a bummer for the party. I wonder if they’ll make up after this.
The party started to peter out and Furcsa grew up into some knowledge sim garb that doesn’t suit her. She’ll be moving back home to her mum and son (and ex-mother-in-law and ex-husband and ex-uncle-in-law) and I’ll probably move her somewhere with Aleric.
Phillip chose an even worse, unflattering outfit to grow up into…
…but Filia’s wasn’t so bad. The twins will unsurprisingly also head home to their parents and little sister, all of whom are family sims who can’t wait to see them. They have a big house so there’s no rush to boot them out.
Giovanni also picked an uncharacteristic outfit before moving back home. As the eldest child, he is responsible for the family mansion and business his entrepreneurial mum built up.
And so we are left with the newly moved-in members of the Greek house, Laska, Kimyona and Sopresa. Join me in the next chapter to see if Sopresa continues beating people up for her ‘rep’, if Laska and Kimyona finally make up and, most vitally, how a knocked-up Kimyona deals with the first term of junior year. See you then!

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