Chapter 14: A dirty dirt bag and hot tub action

Last year in the dorms, we had a record number of hauntings which led to the demise of Julia Walter. Furcsa’s best was not enough, sadly. Filia proved herself as a true firefighter and got herself a few potential love interests and Kimyona and Laska continued their feuding. Before we see what happens this year however, a little update from home…
Prof. Kate’s personal life was never great, but it’s recently hit rock bottom with this drama. How could someone do this to her?! I can’t wait to have her mopey bum around the dorms…
Greg and Pod used Pod’s mum’s wishing well and the family’s genie lamp to scrape together enough money to buy their own place. I am very excited to decorate it to their blue, knowledge sim tastes.
They also got a puppy!
Because Pod is superwoman, she aced her gamer career within one year! Her LTW is actually to be a scientist I believe however, so this isn’t the last stop for her.
Stranac moved back home to live with his mum, uncle, son and ex-mother-in-law and moved in cow fiancee Morgan.
I love that she retained her cow head. She’s just not ready to give up on that college persona.
Uh-oh… she doesn’t want to get married to Stranac.
Well that’s too bad, Morgan, because you said you would!
I’m sure this will turn out fine. The two had a great wedding in the back garden (the family is loaded!) with all the friends and family.
The official family portrait. Will Morgan get on with Dearg and Nofs?
For their honeymoon, the pair went to the family holiday home with Nofs.
So it turned out that Morgan has an LTW of woohooing 20 sims, which she started cracking on with on holiday. I wasn’t very careful and the otherwise happy couple had their first tiff. Stranac is still totally infatuated however.
The final update comes from everybody’s favourite PC, who had a breakdown downtown after recently marrying into the main neighbourhood. I’d never seen the pop-up before!
ANYway, back to the dorms. It was high time Filia and Furcsa move into the Greek house. Filia will be much happier with her twin and away from Kimyona, and Furcsa… just deserves it.
After the older two left, Sopresa got a case of the green eyes and wanted to join the Greek house. I wonder how hard it’ll be for her to befriend her long term boyfriend to gain entry?
Obviously not hard at all. Dang it, I want to play the little mini game once in a while.
Kimyona has got really into jogging lately and wants to go all the time. She needs a mechanical skill point rather than body, but whatever…
Sopresa’s feeling better the next morning after wetting herself last night.
This is Kimyona’s very medieval, knifey ‘sportswear’ which you probably will get sick of seeing. This guy Aelyn or something has been phone-stalking Kim for ages and it has not stopped this year.
Sopresa pulled a bolshy one and influenced a professor to do her assignment. In what world would anybody do someone else’s work, let alone a professor? Bah.
Laska also needs mechanical skill points and actually wants to get them this term, so she has buckled down.
Ah, the two college stalkers.
I’m starting to think Sopresa has some kind of weak bladder issue here.
Woo! I recently downloaded a harder skilling mod so this is actually an achievement.
Anne Cooke the cook has ventured outside for the first time and seems outraged at the non-family friendly content that oftens occurs in the hot tub.
Oh not you too, Silvertop.
‘Ooh a treadmill, that is a good idea!’
Those things are huge, I don’t know where I’d put one of them!
Awww, best buds! Sopresa knows it’s sensible to befriend your brother’s girlfriend.
Oh Mary, please have some self respect. You don’t have to write a term paper until you’re stinky.
Syndod is less smart apparently, and does not think it important to befriend his sister’s boyfriend. I know Sopresa and Gio have hardly been faithful, but that seems to be fine for the two of them.
These two continue to be very happy and enjoy the hot tub.
Laska meanwhile invites her parents and twin Liefde round for some great family time/a party.
Sopresa really got into the party spirit and wanted to have a bad reputation (?!!)
Therefore, I got her to throw a few drinks at poor Ellen before tackling her to the floor.
Reputation check: does ‘dirty dirt bag’ not count as a bad reputation?!
‘Hmm. What a successful party fighting with dormies in front of Kimyona’s parents.’
I think this is Julia’s first haunt. The red suits her, I won’t lie.
You go, Laska! What a powerhouse.
! Liefde hung around at her peril after the party.
‘Did you see all the people losing fights yesterday?’
There was no invite. There’s never an invite.
Sopresa decides it’s time to turn on Laska despite being friends with Filia still after the schism. She’s sided with Kimyona and needs the rep, I suppose!
The girls return after their end of term exams in the dead of night looking quite dead themselves. They all passed and are ready to tackle the second term of their sophomore year.
The two empty rooms left by Furcsa and Filia were at this point, filled. Mohican, who Filia fancied a bit of at the pool, took one room. I think he’s called either Hercules or Philippus.
Kimyona’s platonic (?) stalker took the other room.
They do seem to get on. Maybe I’ll suspend my suspicion.
Welcome to dorms, Mohican!
Laska is a proper good knowledge sim. She’ll hopefully be fine in the next few years.
Hmmm, I forget why she did this. Will Sopresa turn on Filia too for her bad rep?
She also invited her half-sister and brother round. Maybe just some innocent family party time.
Wooo! Maybe she just wanted to set up Filia and Mohican! Goodness knows she deserves some happiness.
Meanwhile in the background, Gio jumps into bed with his girlfriend’s half-sister (they used to go out).
Kimyona and Syndod do their bit to raise the party meter too.
And they finally make things official as boyfriend and girlfriend!
Sopresa clearly did not mind Gio bedding someone else under her nose and is as into him as ever.
‘I’m paying you to stop and shower, dude.’
Similarly, the half-sister doesn’t seem to mind the date occurring outside. Fair enough!
JAN! We don’t have Filia and her fire-stopping skills around anymore!
‘…hnnnghh don’t like fire…’
Thankfully, Kim jumped to attention.
And successfully dealt with the fire before it got out of hand.
OOOOooooh I do like mystery date/outing presents! Near the end of the year, Gio popped over with his sack, presumably to commemorate his recent date with Sopresa.
A massive florid font! Whew. Thanks, Gio, that is definitely a very impressive present. It probably should’ve been Syndod stopping by and leaving presents however, because…
Now, Kim and Syndod are both family sims and Syndod has already rolled wants for having a baby, but I promise this wasn’t planned. I haven’t really had a pregnant then mum+baby combo in college before, but I doubt it’s a piece of cake, especially when the mum is likely to stop rolling skill-related wants.
My tentative plan for next year is to move Syndod in to continue to work but also have some sort of normal family life… in the Greek house. At least there’ll be lots of pairs of hands to help. In the meantime, Kimyona needs to finish the year. She’s not suffering too much yet, so all is well.
Interesting… Gio will not accept a flirt from someone else in front of Sopresa. But woohooing is fine?!
All too soon for most of them, the sophomore end of year exams were upon them. Studious Laska was READY.
On their return, it was time for (stinky) dormy Ellen to graduate and become a townie. The girls did pretty well this year- Kimyona and Laska got Bs and Sopresa got a C. Next chapter we’ll see what the Greek house have been up to this year and I’ll clearly have to remodel for a baby! See you soon.
‘Sopresa’s changed a bit, hasn’t she?’
That is just not hygienic.

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